By Kevin Anderson Smithtown 11787 Gappsi was contracted to build a 18 x 23 x 39 free form pool using the Gappsi Concrete wall system. This particular job was made difficult because of an old pool being buried where the new pool was going. We had no idea there was going to be debris in

What is the definition of being the largest or the biggest swimming pool company on long island? A swimming pool company sizes is measured by the services that it provides its costumers. Starting with building the swimming pools, Gappsi provides many types of swimming pool construction. From vinyl lined concrete wall pools to steel walls,

The AquaPure Ei delivers the ultimate swimming experience without the hassle. In about 15 minutes you can have soft, silky water, free of the annoying and harmful effects of conventional chlorine. And since it sanitizes automatically, you’ll spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it. So convert your ordinary chlorine pool

Our heavy-duty, electronic purifying system that uses ordinary salt to produce chlorine for pools. AquaPure power packs and cells are sold separately. AquaPure Power Pack • Field switchable to power all PureLink™, ClorMatic® and Nature2® Fusion Soft cell kits • 120V or 240V electrical connections • LCD monitoring of chlorine production, cell modes, salinity, temperature,

water sanitizer and mineral system for in-ground pools The Nature2 Fusion soft system is an all-in-one salt. The Nature2 Fusion soft system brings you the benefits of Nature2 minerals with the convenience and benefits of an automatic salt water sanitizer It is proven to destroy bacteria and control algae without any of the harsh effects

The Watermatic D-1 and D-6L are exclusive dry chlorine feeder systems with an electronic controller that provides an ORP and pH readout to assure ideal sanitizing levels using granular dichlor. The system will adjust chlorination levels automatically in response to a variety of changing conditions. Exact dosing ensures bather protection and reduces costs. Two systems

for feeding liquid chlorine and liquid muriatic acid. Easy to install, operate and maintain, both systems include controllers that plug into any 120V outlet and control two peristaltic pumps. The L-2 System provides adjustable-rate pumps. Two systems available: Watermatic L-1; a C2000 electronic controller, two 3-310 fixed-rate peristaltic pumps, and a mounting board Watermatic L-2;

automatically monitor and maintain the chemical balance in swimming pools and spas. Designed for easy installation and operation, they can be used with liquid feed pumps, granular and tablet erosion feeders, ozone generators, and salt chlorinators. During the filtration cycle, the controller maintains sanitizer levels and pH balance by constantly measuring the Oxidation- Reduction-Potential (ORP)

This combination sanitizer brings the benefits of Nature2 mineral technology together with a convenient chlorine tab feeder.Nature2 Fusion In-ground is the ultimate chlorine and mineral sanitizing system for in-ground pools. By combining patented Nature2 mineral technology with an automatic chlorine tab feeder, Nature2 Fusion In-ground delivers water that is noticeably cleaner, clearer and softer. Nature2

Combat debris with the Baracuda MX 8, the high-performance suction pool cleaning robot that cleans faster and more aggressively than any cleaner in its class. It utilizes Cyclonic Suction technology to capture maximum debris while maintaining cleaning power. The Baracuda MX 8 features X-Drive navigation intelligence for X-treme floor and wall cleaning. No more time

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