These custom slides are manufactured to fit any shapes and waterfall layouts. They are also built with tall sides for safety, this way the kids going down would be protected, because if they are not deep the kids would stick their hands out and would hit the rocks or anything that is next to the

Blue stone dust is referring to a fine crushed bluestone also referred to as blue stone screening. It’s use is for base preparation for roadways and is manufactured from the remains of blue stone quarries, any leftover pieces while treads and pavers are manufactured is recycled and crushed in to gravel. This is produced

Having mold or moss on your walkways or paved areas can cause very slippery conditions and often result in a slip or fall that causes minor or serious injuries. Therefore it is very important to keep any and all mold or moss off these areas. There are a few different ways to take care of

Hi Scott, Hope everything is well. Any news from the town about my permit. hopefully they will process the final paperwork soon. just want to make sure there is no other issues coming up. thank you and talk to you later. Gappsi can design, supply and install your entire project. To learn more about Gappsi

Everyone believes to be the best swimming pool company, and this is ok because when you think highly of yourself you strive to be the best. And everyone in the swimming pool industry tries very hard to do a good job. But to be the top rated or the best swimming pool company on long

The look of having grass between the pavers sound like a nice idea but it is not practical and it is not appealing. It is a concept that works well in commercial applications where large parking areas water runoff is controlled with the turf stone pavers. These paving stones allow the grass to grow in

Hi Scott, Left several voice messages for u. I did take your advise about adding lots of shock, water still green only it is lighter color green. the problem I believe is the amount of leaves on bottom. Need someone to come by and vacuum ASAP. Please call thank you Ed

Custom wood work is an art, mastered by spending many years working on the field. It is a skilled craftsmanship that requires technical, math calculation and material knowledge. Charles Cocchiola has had many years of experience and was fortunate enough to work with many good custom woodwork finishers. At Gappsi we combined many tears of

There are many factors than make consumer select a certain style of pavers or color. Many times consumers select pavers that would match or compliment the color of siding that they have or the roof shingles on the house. There is not any perfect science to how and what to choose when it comes to

Fiberglass stairs are built much better today then few years ago. They are much more resistant to wear and weathering… over the years we have encountered many vinyl and fiberglass stair and our experience with that as been that after 15 to 20 years when it came the time to replace the liner the stairs

Suffolk County 27543-H1 9-10-99 to present, 15435-H1 7-1-88 to 7-1-97  Nassau County H2209100000  Southampton L002384  NYC and The Five Boroughs 1321423

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