There are all kinds of different water features which can be installed in any home. The advantages of these are many and varied from improving the general look of your backyard or garden, to actually increasing your home’s value. Perhaps the primary reason most choose a specific water feature for their home and their backyard

Pergolas are an incredibly popular addition to homes all over the United States, specifically where weather like extensive heat, rain or wind may ruin and outdoor, backyard experience, but really anywhere people enjoy spending time either relaxing or with company in their backyard or garden. A pergola is basically any free standing structure offering cover

A gunite pool is another name for a concrete pool, the walls, bottom and steps are made of concrete poured between steel beams for a watertight seal and one that will not corrode over time. Concrete also provides, traditionally, more options as far as design, lending itself more readily various designs, curved walls, custom stairs

There are all kinds of garden ornaments, from those used strictly for show like statues, gnomes, etc, to those that serve a purpose like potting plants, fountains (for the birds) bird feeders, and much more. There are a ton of ornaments available in many different styles and the sort of ornaments you want really only

landscape stones pebbles and rocks! Gappsi has a large array of landscape pebbles and rocks for a bed and accent area. Also our showroom caters to those looking for tile and granite counte rtops. Gappsi can help design and install all your needs whether it be indoors or out.

swimming pool parts long island

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As We are one of the main manufacturer suppliers who over 16 years And We are engage in producing fountain and swimming pool series products, for fountain line are with below products, fountain nozzle, fountain light, fountain pump and fountain fittings. for the swimming pool light are with below products, sand filter, underwater lights, pump,

Scott, Please-leave the water bags in my yard-I have to get the cover situated again and this is becomming a problem. My attention to the pool has not been focused this month as all my energy has been dedicated to the death of my brother who passed away on November 7th. Now I have to

Hi Scott, Please take a look at the attachment. I received a letter from the town of North Hemsted and they are asking for several items/information to complete the permit. I will go down to the town today and talk to them about items # 7 (I WILL CANCEL THAT APPLICATION) and # 8. I

Paving Stone quote long island

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Hello, Good day,I want to know if you can get me this Paver stones to purchase: Specifications: Brown Flash Holland Stone Series sizes: 4 X 8 X 2 3/8″Antique Grey Please send me the pricing plus tax for the above material.What type of payment do u accept.Please include your address and phone number. Thank you

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