Have you thought about putting a gazebo in your backyard or porch area? A gazebo can be any free standing or attached enclosure with a ceiling to protect from the elements. A gazebo may have walls or be open, and often they will have shorter walls with a gate of some sort. There are a

Granite is a very common type of rock, often intrusive to an area and indigenous to many more areas. It is also widely used in the home, on patios and decks, and even in and around commercial centers. Granite deposits above the surface of earth, or close enough underground for us to reach them, actually

You see cultured stone in nearly any residential community and in many storefronts and commercial centers as well. What is cultured stone though? Unlike many stones used in masonry and construction, cultured stone isn’t exclusively, or even usually, a functionally structural part of the building process. In almost all cases cultured stone is adhered to

How is a pondless waterfall possible? One of the many cool things about a pondless waterfall is that it does not need a standing or flowing body of water in order to work. It’s not a miracle, but the clever use of a pump and an underground reservoir. There actually is a pond, but it

The term cabana stems from a kind of hut often used by indigenous peoples of different tropical zones. This is where the modern term come from. These cabanas usually stood alone or may have also been leaned against a tree, hill or other structure. This type of cabana generally had a thatched roof, usually grass,

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