Natural stone is one of the most popular ways to decorate any backyard or garden along with fountains, so of course stone fountains are a very popular choice. The types of stone fountains out there are just about as limitless as your imagination, and they are made using all sorts of different stones. In addition

Have you thought about putting a retaining wall in your backyard? Or perhaps adding a decorative touch to areas of your yard where ground levels vary? A retaining wall is an excellent addition to nearly any yard, and there are a number of benefits to putting a retaining wall up. Why do I need a

A poolscape is simply the landscape surrounding any pool, along with the shape and the type of pool itself. There are a plethora of options when it comes to the general design and within each theme even more options for the type of greenery and any other decorative items you may want. You can choose

Different Advantages of Owning Your Own Swim Spa A swim spa is a relatively new idea, but one that more and more people is taking advantage of. Often called “endless pools,” these are much smaller than a traditional swimming pool but a little bit longer than your average spa. The jets in a swim spa

Having a pool is a great for those hot summer months, family get-togethers and other occasions, but keeping it clean and safe when not in use can be a real hassle. That is unless you have an automated pool safety cover installed. An automated pool safety cover is simply a pool cover which stretches over

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