Travertine Patio | Vincenza Pattern | Garden City NY 11530 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island This two-leveled patio is made of classic travertine with a Vincenza pattern. The color of this stone has a neutral beige, tan tint to it. The top level of the patio has a comfortable furniture set, available here at Gappsi Furniture for your

Pool Patio | Classic Travertine | Franklin Square NY 11010 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo we see an elegant, versatile inground swimming pool. This pool is surrounded by a classic travertine patio with a Vincenza pattern. The light color of this patio brings out the color of the pool. On the right side of the

Travertine Patio | French Pattern | Farmingdale NY 11735 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island This pool patio is made of Cappadocia Travertine laid out in a French pattern. This specific travertine stone has an orange tint to it bringing color to the backyard. The orange tint against the pool makes the water really stand out. The patio is

Patio Design | Cambridge Pavers | Elmont NY 11003 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island This backyard has a patio with two separate levels. The top level is the main level of the backyard, with the pool, grass area, and dining set. The pool in this yard is free formed with an attached hot tub. Behind the pool is

Outdoor Kitchen | Limestone Pavers | East Williston NY 11596 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo, we see an elaborate outdoor kitchen built by Gappsi Group. The kitchen walls are built of Scogli Di Mare. The countertop is made of Scogli Di Mare as well, but it is polished to give it that countertop smoothness and

Lighting Design | East Rockaway NY 11518 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island The photo of this backyard was taken at night to show the lighting. The first thing we see lite up is the pool. In this photo the lights are blue; every-so-often the lights change colors. The change of colors creates different scenery to your backyard with

In this photo we see an outdoor kitchen and bar built of veneered walls. The patio of this kitchen is made of natural stone, Travertine pavers. The color of the Travertine is light and neutral, allowing the natural stone of the veneer walls to stand out. The granite countertop of both the kitchen and bar

Travertine | Pool Patio | East Meadow NY 11554 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo, the patio is made of Autumn Leaves Travertine. This color is a great neutral color to match anything you would want to add t your backyard. It makes the blue water from the pool stand out. This patio is laid out

Make your backyard stand out with this Autumn Leaves travertine patio. The color of this patio is unique and will make any backyard pop. This patio has a French pattern to it. The color is so exceptional that a simple pattern is all it needs. The railings on the steps dress them up, allowing the

Nicolock Patio | Autumn Blend | Center Island NY 11771 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo we see a patio built of Nicolock pavers. The color of this paver is Autumn Blend. The color of the patio matches well with the Brick house, they are in the same family of colors. This patio has a colonial

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