Outdoor Kitchen | Travertine Pavers | Blue Point NY 11715 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo we see a beautiful patio, outdoor kitchen and outdoor living space made with Beige & Pink Travertine Pavers. This outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests of the summer, there never seems a bad time to have people over for

Pool Patio | Autumn Blend Pavers | Bellport NY 11713 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo we see a beautiful clean cut patio made in Autumn Blend Pavers. The grey pavers out lining the patio bring out the grey in the autumn blend pavers and add to that clean cut look. We also see multiple different

  Paver Patio | Autumn Blend | Bay Shore NY 11706 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island   Along with the beautiful Autumn Blend paver patio we have many other home improvement projects in this backyard that make it not only a great place for the kids to have fun, but a great place to entertain guests in the

  Waterfall Design | Amagansett Pavers | Bayport NY 11705 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo we see a beautiful backyard waterfall; we used many different types of landscape and different types of rocks to create this master piece. The outline masonry is made of Amagansett pavers, we used a variety of boulders and pebbles to

  Patio Design | Amagansett Granite | Babylon NY 11702 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo we see a beautiful backyard patio made of Amagansett Granite Pavers bordered with grey pavers that create a real clean line look. Along with the patio we have a free form vinyl liner pool with a diving rock and slide

  Amagansett Granite | Backyard Design | Aquebogue NY 11931 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this picture we see a beautiful backyard patio done in Amagansett Granite. Along with this fresh and clean lined patio we have a waterfall, bar, and vinyl in ground swimming pool. All together these three features will have your guests entertained for

Driveway Design | Amagansett Granite | Amityville NY 11701 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island The beautiful colored Amagansett Granite driveway showed in this picture accents the colors of this house wonderfully. The reds and oranges in the bricks of the house siding bring out the reds and oranges in the stones used in this driveway. The front steps

Colonial Cobble | Adobe Blend | Amagansett NY 11930 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island The beautiful outdoor patio you see here is made of Adobe Blend Colonial. The outdoor kitchen is made up of a BBQ, sink, and refrigerator which are perfect for entertaining guests. This patio and outdoor kitchen make for a great time in the summer

Pool Patio | Travertine Paving Stones | Amagansett NY 11930 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo we see a beautiful pool patio made of yellow travertine paving stones. The small size and placement these colorful stones have been placed it create a clean cut look for this backyard scene. The roman end inspired shape for the

Backyard Patio | Rustico Pavers | Merrick NY 11566 | Nassau-Suffolk-Long-Island In this photo we see a large patio made of Rustico pavers. These specific pavers have a golden brown color to them. There is a lighter beige coping defining the shape of the patio. Outlining the flowerbeds are natural stones adding a natural look

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