35 years old swimming pool that It is not Gunite long island

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old concrete wall pool long island

old concrete wall pool long island

Hey Kev,

I went on an estimate this Saturday for John Kern. He has a 32′ x 16′ concrete formed pool in his yard thats about 35 years old. It is not gunite, its poured concrete. It has been painted very many times and needs sandblasting in order for it to be marbledusted. You will need an estimate on the sandblasting unless you know their prices offhand. The problems with the pool are several. The biggest problem is that there are MANY cracks throughout the pool that are all the way through the wall.. not surface cracks. Also, there is no pool beam.. the top of the walls are just as thick as the rest of the walls and floor (6″). Some of the cracks have been repaired by the homeowner, and in my opinion they are poor/inadequate repairs. There is no expansion joint in between the pool wall and the concrete patio. I used to charge $1500 for a liquid expansion joint with my last company, incase you weren’t sure on the price for that. There is no tile line, which means the pool would need new tile or else the marble dust would come up out of the water and crack. There is only one skimmer and one return, and should probably have one more of each. I would imagine the entire plumbing needs to be redone, judging from the condition of the rest of the pool. Maybe the lines could be pressure tested at 15psi to determine that? Obviously it would need marble dusting as well.
I told the customer some ball park pricing for this repair, somewhere around 15k on the low end (not including a new skimmer and return).. and recommended ripping it out and buying a new pool from you guys. It looks WAY to risky to repair a concrete pool in this poor of a condition…but if he wants to do it, just put in the contract that you DO NOT guarantee its not going to leak. I dont think there is a way to repair the cracks that are all the way through the pool walls.. it would be different if they were just in the beam, and it could be chopped out and re-poured. This is not the case.

I attached a few pictures of the pool here for you to look at incase you had a different opinion than me. Let me know what you think so that I can possibly give him a price on the repair, or so I can give him a price on the pools removal, and then you can try and sell him on a new liner pool. Sry for the long email, just wanted to be thorough.


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