3500 PSI concrete, wire-reinforced Long Island

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Hi Michael,

It was good to see you today, and I really appreciate the time you had spent with me, and the information you had provided. Thank you also for providing the proposal to me so quickly.

I have a few questions regarding this proposal:

1) Please confirm that the $7425.00 price you had quoted for the driveway includes the removal of the existing driveway.

2) For the rip & removal of the existing concrete sidewalk in back of the front apron and in front of the existing driveway; the proposal states “pour 4″ 3500 PSI concrete, wire-reinforced”. I don’t see the tie-in for pouring new concrete, as I thought everything would be set in 6 inches of oversized crushed concrete, and 6 inches of recycled concrete base, with the pavers to laid on top of one inch of sand. Can you clarify this for me?

3) I think the way we had discussed this, this front sidewalk would consist of pavers, and would continue the driveway to the new front apron, and that the new apron would also be done in the same paver style as the driveway. Can you confirm that the front sidewalk will be excavated to a depth of 12 inches, everything would be set in 6 inches of oversized crushed concrete, and 6 inches of recycled concrete base, with the pavers to laid on top of one inch of sand.and the price includes this depth excavation and the paving stones as well?

4) For the pavingstone walkway; the proposal states the excavation depth will be 8 inches. I thought we had discussed the excavation depth for the entire job as being 12 inches. Can you let me know about this?

5) Can you provide me with a sketch as to the recommended layout for the new two-car driveway, with the radius we had discussed from the new garage to the sidewalk?

6) As a favor, you were going to provide me with the recommendations for the 4500 PSI concrete and rebar, wire reinforcement, and tieing the rebar and the wire reinforcement together for maximum strength of the new garage concrete floor. Could I ask that you provide this information to me, so I can give it to the contractor when we are ready to build the new garage?

If you can reply whenever you have the chance, I would appreciate it.

Thanks & Best Regards,

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