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Few things are as relaxing as the sound of a gentle waterfall, few things except for perhaps a waterfall right in your backyard. www.gappsi.com

Whether you already have a pool, or if you are thinking about installing a customized or standard pool, you may want to consider adding either a waterfall or a sheer descent waterfall to give it a beautiful, unique touch. www.gappsi.com

Everyone knows what a waterfall is, a waterfall on a pool differs from a sheer descent in that the water falls over either the sides of the pool, rocks or some other thing within the pool. By comparison a sheer descent arcs out. With a waterfall you can produce a number of fascinating and beautiful effects, even customizing your specific waterfall. A popular option for example is a raised area of the pool, often a Jacuzzi from where the water pours into the main pool area. You can also decorate your waterfall with different scenery or even different kinds of lighting. Waterfalls can be made to fit any pool and can be all heights, shapes and sizes. Waterfalls can even be adjusted to fit a particular mood. They can run faster or slower, they can have sound effects and much more. A waterfall is an unconventional but relatively simple touch to liven up anyone’s pool. www.gappsi.com

Sheer Descents
As mentioned this is different than a waterfall because the water actually arcs outward from a wall, a raised area of a pool, or anywhere else water may fall from. The key difference is that instead of flowing over something, it arcs out. This offers a wide range of customizable options. It can fall straight down from a cliff, arch out from rocks or a raised section of a pool, it can flow in beams or water or in flat sheets similar to a waterfall. Sheer descents enjoy all the customizable options of a normal waterfall and much more. With a sheer descent you may have even more significant effects from lighting and adjusting the pressure likewise offers more options. They can be built to varying heights as well. www.gappsi.com

Sheer Descents vs. Waterfalls
Which option is right for your pool depends on the general ambience you are looking for and personal preference. In most instances wherever a waterfall may be installed a sheer descent may be as well. If you are having trouble deciding often a pool installation expert will have the experience and visual acuity in this area in order to help you decide. www.gappsi.com

You may be surprised at the low cost of installing a waterfall or sheer descent. A reputable landscape and pool installation will be able to put in your sheer descent or waterfall quickly and you can be confident in a job well-done. In addition, the extra cost of running any pumps relating to these items is negligible compared to the general cost of running your pool. On top of that this excellent addition will raise the value of your pool and your home. www.gappsi.com

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