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By Charles Cocchiola
> We Started this project by digging six 12″ round footings 36″ deep at the location of each column. With the cement still wet, we put threaded rods in each footing protruding out 6″. When the cement cured, we put a 6″ x 6″ aluminum plate over the footing and bolted it down tight to the footing. A coupling was screwed on to the rod and another threaded rod, 8′ long was screwed into the coupling. Each column was then placed over the rods and seated over the aluminum plate. An additional plate,washer, and nut now compress the top of the column to the footing. An 8″ header was now screwed to each side of the three sets of columns to create two header systems. Decorative rafters were screwed to the headers perpendicular to square and shore up the structure. An additional row of 2″ x 2″ stringers were added for additional support, look, and a base for the vinyl shade system purchased for this particular pergola. The vinyl shade system was installed with the aluminum supports and tinted vinyl shades.

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