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without Salt Water Chlorinator

Available in foundation, standard and sub-panel with eight or 12 breaker mount plate slots and knockout for GFCI. AquaLink Power Centers are required for all AquaLink RS and PDA control systems. For integrated salt water chlorinator electronics, use our PureLink™ Power Centers.
• Works with all AquaLink RS and PDA control models
• Powder-coated, galvanized steel construction
• Simple, top-down installation, 3 HP Relays
• Add up to three auxiliary power centers within 500 feet of the primary power center
• PureLink Power Centers incorporate salt water chlorinator electronics for easy and convenient addition of AquaPure® or Nature2® Fusion salt cells
Technical Details
• An additional 4″ added to the low voltage raceway
• 120/24 VAC Transformer (supply input)
• Multiple knockouts for 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ conduit
• Service and time-out for all circuits (AquaLink RS and PDA)
• Eight or 12 breaker mount plate slots for up to 125 amp breakers (sub-panel only)
• GFCI side knockout (sub-panel only)
• Optional surge protection for all components
AquaLink® Conversion Kits
Convert your old AquaLink, Ji Series, Polaris® SOL/EOS, or Compool® control to an AquaLink RS Control.
Converting is simple and easy – no indoor rewiring is required. Existing power center, wire cables and valve actuators do not need to be replaced. Take advantage of the intuitive programming of the AquaLink RS system and give Jandy® Ji Series and AquaLink Power Centers the power and flexibility of state-of-the-art AquaLink RS digital technology.
Conversion Kits include the following:
Wired or Wireless Controller, Power Center Bezel with Printed Circuit Board, Water Temperature Sensor and Wall Plate Adapter for certain kits
Systems Include
OneTouch™, TouchLink™ wired/wireless hand held or PDA wireless hand held, power center bezel and printed circuit board with adapter plate, water temperature sensor and wall plate adapter.
• An attractively styled, sleek and compact indoor control panel or wireless hand held remote
• Activate multiple pieces of equipment with the OneTouch Buttons or your most popular features with the PDA Hot Keys
• State-of-the art digital technology
• Simple custom software and labeling of all functions for easy understanding of your pool and spa system
• Built-in self-diagnostics and freeze protection
Technical Details
• Easier programming and control of up to 32 auxiliary functions with the OneTouch conversion or 8 auxiliary functions with the PDA, plus heater, filter and solar equipment
• Infinite program back-up during power outages
• Automatic equipment safety circuits
• Equipment service and time-out modes at the Power Center
• Optional surge protection for added safety of your pool and spa equipment
Control Features
Take Control of Your Backyard Experience
AquaLink® automation systems put control of your entire backyard paradise at your fingertips. Adjust spa temperature, turn on water features and lights, adjust sanitizer generation, and much more, with the touch of a button. AquaLink systems integrate premium design ingenuity, style, and ease of use for the ultimate pool automation experience.
AquaLink systems allow you to:
• Control individual pool and spa equipment from the convenience of your home
• Automate daily pool equipment functions, such as filtration, sanitation and cleaning
• Protect your equipment from freezing and other danger
• Manage up to 32 pool and spa feature
Standard Control Features
Remote Control of Your Entire System
Immediately control all pool equipment with a single touch. Manage your pool and spa temperatures, jets, cleaner, lights, heater, and more from anywhere.
Equipment Protection
Sophisticated sensors ensures automatic freeze protection. Heater cool down and system lockout modes keep valuable equipment running smoothly, protecting your investment.
Automatic Monitoring and Scheduling
Allows you to custom program to suit your lifestyle. Monitors status of equipment functions, keeping your pool and spa sparkling clean and ready to use. Scheduled activation will maximize energy savings.
Automated Filtration
Keep your pool and spa sparkling clean and ready to use. Automatic and efficient filtration cycles allow you more time to relax.
Automatic Spa Control
Switch from pool to spa with a touch of a button or automatically at a set time. Pool and spa features at your command.
Water Feature Control
Set your water features to perform at your command. With one touch, your backyard will come alive with relaxing sounds.
Pool and Spa Lighting
Create a mood or just brighten the backyard for an evening swim. Pool and spa light control is effortless and fully customizable from within your home.
Landscape Lighting
Brighten beyond the pool. Dim pathway lights, thresholds, safety lights and more at different times, at dusk, or all at once.
Solar Heat Priority
Maximize energy efficiency by prioritizing solar energy to heat your pool and realize the cost savings of alternative energy.
Seasonal-Adjust Energy Savings
Automatic adjustment of filtration programs, cleaner run-time, sprinklers, and auto-fill settings to deliver maximum energy efficiency and convenience. No need to adjust settings to keep your backyard paradise in optimum condition.
Optional Control Features
Control from any Internet Device
Harness the power of your web-enabled mobile devices (or any Internet connection) to monitor, adjust, and program your pool’s equipment.
Automatic Purification
Control filtration cycles and interface to your Jandy® AquaPure® salt chlorine generator for clean and clear water at all times.
Spa Side Remotes
Stay in the spa and adjust spa temperature or turn on lights. AquaLink spa side controls fully integrate with any AquaLink RS.
Computer Control
Set-up programs, boost the heat in the spa and check the temperature from your personal computer.
Whole Home Automation
Integrate AquaLink with your current home automation systems for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

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