AquaLink Touch is a high-performance smart control system long island

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Imagine, the power to control your entire backyard experience at your fingertips.

AquaLink Touch is a high-performance smart control system that delivers best-in class functionality for all your outdoor automation needs. This powerful, intuitive device integrates premium design ingenuity, style, and ease of use for the ultimate automation experience.
As an in-wall wired or wireless counter top, full color touch screen device, AquaLink Touch has the power to control jets, lights, pool to spa switching, pump speeds, temperature settings, water purification and much, much more.
• Innovative touch screen technology puts control of your entire backyard experience at your fingertips
• Sophisticated electronics for a full-featured, completely customizable system
• Energy savings integrated programming automates operations and routine schedules to keep energy costs down
• Functions as a digital picture frame when not in use
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Technical Details
• 7″ diagonal, full color touch panel
• Digital Picture Frame and slideshow settings from Memory Flash Card input
• Custom home screen for simplified operation
• Wired surface or flush mount panels
• Wireless handheld indoor control panel with desktop charging base
• Simple programming and control of filter, pump, heater, solar and up to 32 auxiliary circuits
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Model Description
TCHLNK-RF AquaLink Touch, Wireless Indoor Controller w/ Jbox and Charger
TCHLNK-WF AquaLink Touch, Wired Flush Mount Indoor Controller
TCHLNK-WS AquaLink Touch, Wired Surface Mount Indoor Controller
AquaLink® RS OneTouch

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