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long island swimming pools,landscape,masonry,carpentry, and naturalstones

long island swimming pools,landscape,masonry,carpentry, and naturalstones

You have come to the right place for more information about Gappsi products and services, please visit our website and or visit our showroom at 1015 b west Jericho turn pike Smithtown New York 11725. by Giuseppe Abbrancati ,Kevin Anderson, Rolando Adamovicz, Charles Cocchiola, Peter Moran, Mike Walsh, Sherry Marsico , Melvin Aguillar, Mike Specchio and peter D’Ambrosio. All these swimming pool owners rely on the expertise of Scott search from Gappsi pools for all the answers and concerns about their swimming pools.
1= Scott,
Looks like my pool filter is fried. I went to check the skimmer this morning and only the Polaris filter was running. The pool filter was not. I checked the timer switch, the circuit breakers inside and out and they are OK. Since the Polaris pump has juice, I assume the filter pump does too. When I throw the filter pump timer switch “on” there is an instance of power surge and then nothing. It was OK after the storm; when power came back on Thursday and was fine through yesterday, but dead today. Ground to the pump was loose, but no improvement after I tightened it.
So… I don’t know if I need a pump (my first suspicion) or a rewire from an electrician. Of course, these things always happen on holiday weekends. Fortunately, we aren’t using the pool today or tomorrow for the holiday. Please put me on your list for a look-see at your earliest.
2=Problems with auto cover Hi Scott,
I have a four year old electric pool cover. The portion of the cover that is covering the rope is frayed where it begins to enter the track along the pool top. Because of this, we are not able to close the cover. I carefully trimmed the frayed area and then my husband insisted on covering the frayed area in the lead with duct tape…..this is obviously not the solution. Please refer to the pictures above. Is this something you can fix? Please call me on my cell phone to discuss what the solution is.
Thanks for your attention to this problem.
Sincerely, Karen Burger

As I mentioned in a message on your voicemail, one of your crews opened my pool at 114 Pamela Lane (East Northport) last Thursday. They left a note stating that they had trouble with the electric, which I was able to get working. When I turned on the pump briefly, I noticed one leak at a connection in the PVC and saw that the hose for backwashing isn’t connected. Because the pump/filter set up was never completed, the shock that was added was not circulated properly. It would seem to me that it may need to be redone.

I had also requested a Power Vac with the opening. When we spoke briefly last Friday, you indicated that it would be done this week. Is that still the plan.

Is the power-van and drip-fix crew still headed here today? Pool is filled to the top and ready to go.
4=Hi Giuseppe,

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted let you know that last weekend I gave a coworker (Gary Benanti from Commack) of mine a referral to Gappsi Pools because he needed a new pool liner since his old one ripped. He called and I believe Gappsi is installing the liner for him.
Take care.
Thank you for the follow up. The pool patio is great, and we’re looking forward to hearing from Gappsi about when our pool will be opened. I requested the first week of June.




Jeff sent these drawings to see if this is what you want asfar as shape and size. Let me know if this will work or any changes you want tomake.
8=This is Diana from Newfuture, a professional LED Light manufacturer in China, specialized in Landscape Lighting products. Our mainly product series are Wall Washer Light Series, Flood Light Series, Underwater Lamp Series, Underfloor Lamp Series, Linear Light Series, Point Source Series, Spot Light Series and so on. All our products are excellent in quality and competitive in price with CE, ROHS & FCC certification.
Our LED Lights are similar with the lights in CK which company belongs to Philips now , not only in excellent appreace, but also the highest quality and perfect perfermance.
Please don’t hesitate to contact with me when you have any questions.

Let’s keep in touch!
Best Regards,
9= Hi Guiseppe,

Thanks for your interest in VAST! Our composite pavers would be great for your projects. I’ve attached some literature for your reference.

Made from 95% post-consumer recycled material (scrap tires and plastics)
Incredibly durable (perfect for low volume vehicular applications such as parking lots, driveways, walkways, decks and patios)
Brilliant, fade resistant colors
Outstanding LEED advantages
Competitively fully installed prices as compared to concrete pavers (less in many cases)
Completely maintenance free

The pavers are 1/3rd the weight of concrete, cut with a regular wood saw, and are automatically aligned by grid, altogether making installation quick and easy. They are durable enough to easily withstand a fully loaded semi and come with a lifetime warranty against cracking. In addition, fading is significantly reduced through state-of-the-art UV inhibitors that will keep your application looking brilliant for years to come.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Evan Koch
VAST Enterprises, LLC
1828 Marshall St NE Suite 15A
Minneapolis, MN 55418
10= Dear Giuseppe Abbrancati,

How are you?

Glad to know your company is interested in cobble stone.

Here we attached some pictures for your reference.

Pls check and feel free to contact us if anything we can help you.

Waiting for your reply and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Grace Lin

Xiamen New Dawn Co., Ltd.
Add: Room 1909 Hualong Building, No.6 East Hubin Road, Xiamen, China.

Tel: 0086-592-5022902
Fax: 0086-592-5977476
MB:+0086 – 15959216433
11= Hello Everyone, at gappsi
We have Free Screened fill and lots of it. It looks like topsoil. It is a beautiful material and the price is right.
We also have the following manufactured Topsoil’s:
# 2 Topsoil for $ 3.00 per yard.
# 1 Topsoil for $ 12.00 per yard.
We will load you for free. Deliveries are available at an additional cost.

12= Do you sell the pool dome like in the attachment? Or can you forward this email your marketing department?

This cover is new in many places, few factorys can produce it. Anyway, it is in your product range, knowing more is better than none, maybe one day you will need it.

13=Hi Scott,

your employee was here. He said that the clock was set backwards. It was set to shut off in the morning and turn on in the evening. Anyway everything was working, but it only works for a little while and then both the pump and the heater shut off. They stay on for about a half hour and then everything shuts off, and I have to turn it on manually, but the pool does not get a chance to warm up or to clear up from yesterday’s chemicals. I don’ t understand what the problem is. Could it be the clock? ? Is this something you can fix? Please let me know.

Carmen Graci
14=Hello Scott,
i just spoke with Mike who told me to email you. I would like to commence weekly pool serivce for an in ground pool at the house I just bought. Kevin did a pool inspection for me this past Monday. The address is 10 Stafford Drive, Huntington Station. My name is Nancy Nelson.
Please let me know the weekly cost, I have been quoted 2 different prices thus far, and how to arrange payment.
15=I assume you are going there today, as the pool was dirty yesterday?
16=Wonderful, can they check and se if the filter is runing? I will be at the house around 12:00.
Thank you,
17=Scott, the leak – I plugged up the vacuum return but we’re still losing water. Let me know if there are any other things I can try before calling in someone to search the pool for a leak… If you need to call me

Thanks and the pool will be up and running by later today…. How soon before we could get a diver in to check everything?


Happy Thursday. I am in need of your expertise. The pipe leading out of my
Polaris (Legend) auxiliary pump is leaking big-time. I just noticed it by
chance, this evening. Can’t tell where but the only way to stop/slow it
down is to turn off the pump and close the valve in the pipe leading out of
the pump. If the valve is left open, the leak continues even if the pump is
turned off. The in-line filter at the wall connection is clear, the leaf
catcher is clear also and the unit runs OK but the leak is running fast
enough to drop the pool level 1.5 inches today. Would appreciate it if you
could check it ASAP. Thanks.
19=Scott, This morning the pump to the pool cleaner started making a swirling washing noise.I need you to come take a look at it as soon as possible.Please call me on my cell. Thanks
20=Hi Scott, my name is Marc Foucher, the electrician will be finished wiring our new pool in a few hours, I was told to call you to set up a demo appt. The address is 40 gnarled hollow rd in East Setauket
21=Hi Scott:
Could kids playing in the pool a lot cause water loss or does patty’s princess pool have a problem?
Ok I will measure the loss this week and we’ll take it from there. Happy 4th!,
Approx 11/2 to 2″ water loss every 2 days this week–normal?,
No I only turned on the heater one day. Thnx,
Patty Hall
22=Scott – new pool liner has once again pulled away from the wall in same corner. Would like to have service to come and fix. Ideal if can be fixed before this coming weekend when we will be having guests.
Scott – new pool liner has once again pulled away from the wall in samecorner. Would like to have service to come and fix. Ideal if can be fixedbefore this coming weekend when we will be having guests.
23=Good Morning Scott. It’s Dave Shapiro.

Happy Fourth of July. I just wanted to follow up on a few things about the pool.

NONE of them are an emergency and require immediate action. NONE!!!

1. The heater

The heater still goes into “Ignition Fault” and requires 2 or 3 resets when first starting it up. I recall you were going to call Jandy about this. Has anyone looked at it yet? If not, I would appreciate if someone could.

2. One of the plastic strips that go into the channel that holds the cover and the liner is popping out. This has been like this since the pool was put in. At this point I would really just like that piece replaced. I think it was bad when it was installed.

3. The bar at the end of the cover doesn’t ‘seal’ the pool up at the stairs.

I know we have spoken about this and you had said you had done something on others (I think you rotated them or somehow bent them).

4. In the middle skimmer, the plastic disc that seals the the skimmer off, or lets you control how much suction is being applied is still missing. I think you had to order it, has it come in yet?

Other than these small things, the pool is GREAT and Alyse and I are extremely happy with everything you guys have done.

Thanks a lot for paying attention to these issues when you have a chance, I really do appereciate it. Have a great Fourth of July.
24= Scott, I just wanted to say it’s fine if you don’t come until early next week
– we are already swimming in the pool and nothing is an emergency. So
if it’s better for you to come on Tues. or Wed. that’s no problem!
Hi Scott! Andrew came yesterday and did some more vacuuming. Are you
planning to come some other time to glue down tiles? Thanks!

– Laura
Scott – No problem. Just let us know when you think you can make it. Thanks!

– Laura
Hi Scott! Andrew came yesterday and did some more vacuuming. Are you
planning to come some other time to glue down tiles? Thanks!
25=Hi Scott, I’m writing to check in about the vacuuming of our pool –
Mike stayed a really long time yesterday and got a lot of the stuff
out of the pool, but it’s definitely not done. There’s still a lot of
leaves and dirt and debris on the bottom, and the missing jet from one
of the intakes is down there, and a big black plastic thing, and a
bunch of tiles. They’re all on the deep end and I think what happened
is that when he put the shock in the water it got cloudy and he
couldn’t see those things anymore. Anyway, after we ran the filter
overnight we could definitely see them, so it’s going to need more
vacuuming. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all your help!

Scott – Ok. Daniel and I will be out from about 11:30 to the
mid-afternoon, but you can come whenever. There is definitely a small
leak from the skimmer near the spa (it drips on the side when the
filter/pump is on), and I think there might be a little leak in the
new plumbing by the pump, not sure. Should we be trying to plug the
little holes near the top of the spa? Also is it time to put the light
back in to the pool? Thanks!!

26=Hi Scott

I thought you were coming back Wednesday with another staff member to work on the filter problem. Will you be in Wantagh today, Thursday? When we opened the pool in the middle of May it was with the idea to have a pool party this weekend, as you know the yard is not coming along that well either but I thought 6 weeks was reasonable to expect that we would have worked the kinks out of my system for July.


Hello…I spoke with your office and they asked that I email you. I have a Polaris 9300 Sport that I purchased new on 5-11-11. It is not working and the people at polaris said your office is an authorized service center. The warranty number they gave me is 4409160. The unit simply will not power on. Its totally dead no lights or indicators whatsoever. I tried using several different outlets but no response from the unit. Please let me know what we can do to get this resolved as soon as possible. Thank very much.
Pump running but not pulling as well as before. thank you for putting the cord on but this is nuts. When can you get back to see what else could be wrong?
29=Hi Scott
Now it is running again but I will back wash in the morning, shocking now went green……… more to follow and thank you again for all of your help


Since the pool was opened, for whatever reason we still seem to constantly have water around the filter. I’m asking that you guys come take another look as I don’t think it was opened properly and the pool is still losing some water.

Let me know what happens.




I appreciate it…I need to try and eliminate the issue of any leaks from the filter and the pipes surrounding it. If it’s not that then I’ll have to see if there’s a leak in the liner itself.

Thanks again,


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