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Thank you for considering Gappsi for your masonry and asphalt for your project. We pride ourselves for providing all gappsi costumers with on our competitive prices and high standards. From Design to Construction Long islanders benefit from our expertise.
In order to make your driveway beautiful and long lasting, gappsi will install the base for your driveway like no other asphalt company would. Our base preparation process is to excavate and install 8” of state approved RCA and then compact the base with vibratory roller while water is sprayed over the entire driveway. We install 2” thick compacted asphalt surface and rolled to achieve the smoothest and most dense asphalt driveway.
A few tips to maintain your asphalt driveway :sealcoat your driveway once a year and it will last a lifetime.
To enhance the beauty and value of your home, let gappsi design and install the masonry around your asphalt driveway, from front walkways, brick & bluestone, custom Belgium Block curbing and more for a complete professional curb appealing.

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