Automated retractable safety swimming pool covers free form pool

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By Giuseppe Abbrancati
Automated retractable safety and solar swimming pool covers and free form pool combinations. Kevin Anderson has done it again, many times customers fall in love with the idea of the safety and comfort of having an automated cover for all the benefits that an automated Gappsi pool cover can offer to you and your family from energy saving to safety, and comfort. But automated pool covers can only be installed to a rectangular pool that has square corners. The cover gets mounted under the pool coping and it is retracted in to an underground box when the cover is open making it totally invisible and esthetically appealing when the pool is uncovered. By choosing a blue color cover the swimming pool would create an open appearance, you can also chose from many other colors at our showroom. One particular customer in Saint James, Smithtown New York loved both the automated cover and free form pool. The challenge was for Kevin to engineer a sunken free formed pool and attached the pool to a square raised step up wall surrounding the swimming pool. It has been the talk of the industry, many complimented the home owner who is very pleased with the products functions. The esthetical appearance and all the compliments from all their friends and the thrill of having something special and unique many customers have inquired about this new design and cutting edge swimming pool innovation of technology engineered by Kevin Anderson and installed by Gappsi pools.

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