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automated; safety swimming pool covers long Island

installed-cover-3″ rel=”attachment wp-att-1303″>Gappsi is one stop shop in all aspects of poolscape services. Pool safety is our specialty at Gappsi, loop-loc mesh pool covers and automatic retractable vinyl pool covers have increasingly been requested from Gappsi costumers.We install all brands of mesh covers: Loop-Loc , Merlin Industries, Jersey Covers .Mesh swimming pool safety covers keep the leaves and debris out of your pool using a mesh cover can save a lot of hours of hard labor cleaning skimers and pools. Our mesh winter covers prevent leaves from falling in your pool and sinking to the bottom. Our mesh covers let’s only the rain water pass through. Gappsi covers are very light weight, they are easy to take on and off using the appropriate tool simply lift it off the springs. No need for heavy lifting or time consuming cover pumps. Gappsi winter mesh covers allow rain and snow to slowly fill the pool, getting the pool ready for spring time after lowering the pool for winterization or during summer evaporation saving water and chemicals with tightly woven fabric. Gappsi covers allow very little sun light to pass through which ensures algae free pools in the spring when you open your Gappsi swimming pool. Gappsi winter covers are UV protected woven polyethylene, which is strong enough to withstand strong winds, snow and ice. Double stitched seams are reinforced for extra strength swimming pool covers. Gappsi is a design and install company a warranty center and showroom for loop-loc swimming pool safety covers. Loop-loc products are built with the highest quality materials.Loop-loc pool covers are built super strong and then anchored in to the masonry or wood deck protecting people and pets. Loop-loc can custom make the size of your pool cover to fit the shape of your pool and always fit the pool tight, clean and beautiful. BABY-LOC Removable Fencing, because even the most careful parent can’t be watching every minute. When it comes to keeping kids safe, there is no substitute for adult supervision, but no parent can be everywhere, every minute! BABY-LOC removable fencing is convenient, cost effective an additional layer of protection to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool. BABY-LOC is also the perfect choice for a raised deck or dock.You can turn any section of your BABY-LOC fence into a gate opening – we would provide a fall-back hole wherever you would like. Fence sections open in a snap for easy parent access. Built to a higher standard, standard removable pool fencing is built to a 4 foot height. Yet it’s clear that most toddlers can easily scale a fence this high. BABY-LOC meets all ASTM standards and exceeds U.S consumer product guidelines with a height of 4 ½ feet, to better protect your children.They offer a unique self-latching magnetic gate, as an option BABY-LOC offers the most reliable self-closing, self-latching gate available. The unique latch uses a powerful magnet, which requires very little force to secure. It’s also key lockable, injection molded hinges can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver for just the right amount of force – so the gate closes and latches itself, every time. Automatic retractable vinyl pool covers have become Gappsi’s specialty, as a very knowledgeable swimming pool installer safety pool covers go hand and hand. All our installations of pool covers are done by company employees and come with a Gappsi satisfaction guaranty. Some companies we use are: Cover pools, Coverstar , Automatic pool covers and Aquamatic. Kevin Anderson Of gappsi pools installed the automated pool cover at the Achodo residence. The mission for the day was to install a rectangular Automatic Cover over a Free Form pool using the “pool in pool” method. There will be a small step down on to the pool area. The pool was built like any other Free form pool except we built a concrete trough at the end of the pool during the initial construction.
This trough is solid concrete down to virgin soil, poured at the same time the walls were poured to achieve a “one pour” construction. After the swimming pool is complete, the “lower” patio must be installed. This is the patio that will be exposed when the cover is open, usually just the coping and a foot or so around the pool. Once that is done the encapsulation is installed on top of the patio around the pool. This track will carry the sliders and the rope that operate the cover. Another pool coping will be installed on top of this later. Once the track is installed the cover can be pulled out, attached to the tube inside the trough and tested. The cover should work smoothly and quietly. After the cover is complete the Patio will be installed around the outside of the cover. A custom removable lid is installed over the trough and the job is complete.

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