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Cesar Retreat
Approximately 10000 sq ft paving stones were used to pave a fountain, patio, pool patio and upper patios and walkways.
Oyerste blend and crab orchard colors in the style old town pavers were used to create inlays around the pool and for borders pavers were installed on 12” rca and one inch of sand.
Gappsi edge restraint system was used to secure the borders of the pavement.
Approx 2000 sq ft mini-colonial 3” wall crab orchard and brown colors were used to retain the multilevel tiered backyard and to build stairways, gate columns and piers
Ornamental pre-cast planters, statues and balusters were used to build water fountains.
To accentuate gas torches, walkways and top of columns and walls were used.
Pave-art designs were used to accent areas of the backyard which is dedicated to the home owners kids, spelled in Italian language: Ritrovo Olimpico = Olympic retreat; arena dei gladiatori = gladiators arena, piazza delle dive = diva’s square.
A scaled minimized version of a roman residence is the style portrait in the layout.
Details and plantings by the Gappsi designers for this Long Island North Shore home.
To create a blend of old world and contemporary style and architecture we utilized modern building materials and colors.

Suffolk County 27543-H1 9-10-99 to present, 15435-H1 7-1-88 to 7-1-97  Nassau County H2209100000  Southampton L002384  NYC and The Five Boroughs 1321423

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