Award winning landscape-paving stone-carpentry Smithtown long island

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Location: Smithtown, NY
Award Presented To: ; Gappsi®
Complimenting the traditional appearance of the two-story brick house, the driveway entrance incorporates a 16-point compass star with Crab Orchard flagstone inserts, likewise used in the border with a combination of brown and mojave tan 4×4 inch product. Highlighting the 4,000 square foot job is a step-up front courtyard featuring the original design of a bloomed rose created by placing sawcut pink, green and red stones in a mosaic-like pattern

Suffolk County 27543-H1 9-10-99 to present, 15435-H1 7-1-88 to 7-1-97  Nassau County H2209100000  Southampton L002384  NYC and The Five Boroughs 1321423

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