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this job the design made the small backyard space very useful and functional.
A pond less. Water fall was built up against the back yard fence facing the house making the water fall visible from every where in the backyard and also from inside the house. The water fall construction included the use of natural boulders and moss rocks, a hole was dug up and a pond liner was used to create the water reservoir a large plastic container was installed in the hole to allow the waterfall pump to be installed. This plastic container has an opening at the top with a lid to allow the pump to be removed and serviced when necessary the entire container is perforated with hole to allow the water to filtrate through in order for the pump to catch it and send it to the top of the water fall to begin the descend down the moss rocks and trickle down back in to the reservoir. The rest of the hole was filled with amply milk crates to create voids for the water to collect and then 2 inches river rock cover all the crates and the pump plastic container housing. Then waterfall plating material is installed to create the natural background of the water feature.
The patio was built with recycled concrete base and paved with noce French pattern travertine , laid over sand and joint or the travertine paver’s were filled with polymeric sand. This sand petrifies when it comes in contact with the water.

A stoop was built to connect both backyard sliding doors and to access the back yard with 2 set as of stairs down 3 steps to the patio level. The wall built to face the rest of the stoop it as also a the function of a sitting wall that was designed to wrap around the fore pit and cape with 2 inches thick Fiorito travertine coping 12 deep making a very comfortable bench and also very beautiful making this porch not only very functional and appealing but also very functional. Each set of steps are accented with 2 pier columns on each side veneered with 3 inches Fiorito split false travertine and 2 inches thick travertine column caps were used on top of the columns. To install the light feature on top for esthetic and also for proper lit the Bach yard.

A BBQ island was built to the side with stool sitting area and a grill and a sink caped with a granite countertop and veneered with Fiorito split face Fiorito travertine veneer. A Catalina hot tub was incorporated in the design and also a table area under a canopy to be protected from the summer sun.
These customers were extremely happy with the results Gappsi designed supplied all the materials and built the entire project in Massapequa long island New York.

Pond less waterfall, travertine patio, barbeque, travertine veneered, fire pit Gappsi long island
Massapequa Park on long island, Gappsi designed and installed an outdoor leaving space that made these home owners fall in love with their back yard again. This very small area was transformed to be functional and spacious.
Gappsi designs are focused on functionality, you walk out of the back yard sliding door and going down the steps through the 2 columns and circular stairs facing the pond less water fall gives these homeowners the felling of entering through an oases .the travertine pavers create a divine felling and appearance. In a space this small a full built-in barbeque and bar combo was built along with a sitting area for a very large table and a canapé to create shade from the son, a raised walkway to connect the 2 sliding doors also create the sitting wall for the fire pit and a flower bed for seasonal flowers.
The Catalina hot tub spa is out of the way of everything but when sitting and relaxing in this spa ,there is clear view of the pond less water feature .designing a back yard ,is to know how utilizing the space and create many environments that compliment and flow with each other and this is the Gappsi advantage . Experience at work will give you more your money because of what we know.
You have come to the right place. Gappsi is a provider, designer and builder of swimming pools, coping, patios, driveways, paving stones, landscaping, carpentry, natural stones, travertine, limestone, granite, pavers and wall veneers. To learn more about Gappsi products and services please visit our show room at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown Long Island, e-mails us at or visits our website at We services Nassau and Suffolk county Long Island NY
By Giuseppe Abbrancati, Mike Specchio. Kevin Anderson, Rolando Adamovicz, Charles Cocchiola, Peter D’Ambrosio, Peter Moran, Mike Walsh, Melvin Aguillar and sherry Marsico

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