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by giuseppe Abbrancati
Comfortable for 2 or 20, your outdoor space should comfortable accommodate the number of people you typically entertain, yet also feel intimate when it’s just you and a glass of iced tea.
Functionality is foremost, your patio should serve a purpose. Simply put, it should be more than just a place to leave the muddy shoes or lawn tools. Make it work with a floor layout that flows and furniture that functions.
Strive for harmony, a patio or sitting area should serve as the seamless transitional space between your house and garden areas. Think of it as part of the total package and not a secondary feature.
Space is the place, while you can overbid an outdoor space, it’s more typical to underbuild. Thinking in terms of spaciousness is paramount. You’re going to love living outdoors once your project is complete, so plan an area you, your family and guests can really enjoy.
Well planned outdoor rooms with a view turn every day into extraordinary. It‘s a lot like painting a picture. The fundamental principles an artist applies to creating a dynamic, visually captivating work are the same ones essential to a successful outdoor design plan. The four elements – line, color, form and texture when thoughtfully considered during the planning stages, will ultimately lead to a well-designed, thoroughly enjoyable outdoor living area you’ll love sharing with family and friends for years to come.

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