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water stained/damaged sub-floor, and replace with new 3/4" plywood sub-floor. long island

water stained/damaged sub-floor, and replace with new 3/4

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Bath Renovation
Gut renovate 1st floor bathroom, replacing all fixtures, converting shower to tub, and enlarge bath by reframing door. Materials & Labor
1. Supply all materials and labor.
2. Materials to be provided as specified, if not specified, or specified TBD, owner will specify at a later time, with cost
of materials to be added to the cost of the project.
3. No substitution of materials without prior approval from owner. Demolition & Framing
1. Gut existing bathroom to studs. remove all wallboard from walls and ceiling, tub, sink, toilet, plumbing fixtures,
electrical and lighting fixtures, heating fixture, window, door and trim.
2. Remove water stained/damaged sub-floor, and replace with new 3/4″ plywood sub-floor.
3. Remove existing ceramic tile flooring.
4. Reframe for new door and wall location, 6″ out from existing location, as indicated on sketch.
Window, Door & Trim
1. Supply and install/replace existing window with new window at location as existing. new window to be Marvin
Integrity Wood-Ultrex Casement window (ICA CN3339), 1 lite with no grills, insulating double-pane LowE with
Argon glazing with standard screen and hardware.
2. Window to be installed with sill pan flashing with proper back and end dams. Install Header and Jamb flashing,
integrated with existing Water Resistive Barrier, to direct any water in the rough opening out of the bottom of the
3. Supply and install new Masonite Crown MDF 1 panel Shaker style interior door. door to be painted white.
4. Supply and install new paint grade colonial trim around new window and door. trim to consist of 2 1/2″ Colonial casing, sill and apron.
5. Supply and install new paint grade exterior trim around new window. trim to include Head Casing, consisting of
Back band/Drip Cap and 6″ Flat Casing, Jamb Casing consisting of 3 1/2″ Flat Casing, Projecting Sill and Apron for
the window.
6. Paint all trim with 3 coats of paint. Paint to be Benjamin Moore, color to be Semi-Gloss White.
1. All new electric to code. Electric to be done by licensed and insured electrician and all electric work to be inspected.
2. Supply and install GFCI outlet by sink, and run new 20Amp circuit from basement electric panel to supply GFCI
3. Install owner supplied light fixture over vanity/sink.
4. Supply and install wet-area rated light fixture over shower area.
5. Run new 15Amp circuit from basement electric panel for light and exhaust fan.
6. Supply and install Panasonic (WhisperGreen FV-05VK3) exhaust fan over shower area and vented outside. fan and
wet-area light fixture to be wired with Air-King (AKEDT2) switch/time.
Plumbing & Heating
1. All new plumbing to code. Plumbing to be done by licensed and insured plumber.
2. Replace all exisiting galvanized iron drain, waste (including toilet lead bend) and vent pipe with new PVC pipe;
replace all shut-off valves with new ball shut-off valves; replace or add (if not present) for all supply shut-off valves
in basement with new ball valves.
3. Supply and install new wall-mounted sink and toilet, same location as existing. sink to be Toto Supreme wall-hung
sink and shroud (#K-2956-1-0), and toilet to be Toto UltraMax II with SanaGloss – ADA ((#MS604114CEFG).
4. Supply and install new Kohler Forte Rite-Temp pressure-balancing valve control and trim, diverter, shower head
and hand shower/spray (K-T10277-4, K-10240, K-10298)
5. Supply and install new Kohler Forte single-control lavatory (K-10215-4) faucet for sink.
6. Remove existing bathtub and install shower in existing location. Supply and install Kerdi shower drain.
7. Supply and install/replace existing heat with new SlantFin Fine/ine30 baseboard.
Insulation, Walls and Ceilings
1. Supply and install R-15 fiberglass batt insulation on all exterior walls to code.
2. Spray foam to seal all penetrations and gaps in the exterior sheathing.
3. Spray foam to seal and insulate the rim joist.
4. Supply and install all walls with tile to be cementboard, ceiling and all other walls shall be mold resistant wallboard.
5. Spackle and sand all walls and ceiling, ready for paint.
6. Paint all walls, ceiling with 3 coats of paint. Paint to be Benjamin Moore Regal Select, color to be Matte White.
7. Supply and install base and ceiling trim ready for paint.
8. Paint all trim with 3 coats of paint. Paint to be Benamin Moore Regal Select, color to be Semi-Gloss White.
9. Supply and install blocking for grab bar, towel bar, robe hook, shower curtain rod
1. Supply and install new tile on the floor of the bathroom, on the walls of the shower area to the ceiling height, and on
the rest of the walls to an approximate height of 42″.
2. Tile walls in a Brick-joint pattern with DaTile “Matte” Arctic White 3″x6″ Field Tile (Color 0790) and trimmed with
appropriate Bullnose trim on the top and side edges, and with Cove trim at the base. wall tile will be accented with
3-4 rows of DaTile “Sonterra” Iridescent Ice White 1″x1″ mosiac tile (Color SR72).
3. Supply and install Kerdi or similar waterproof membrane in shower floor and walls, including at plumbing
4. Tile floor of bathroom and shower area with mosaic pattern with DaTile “Keystone” Artic White 1″x1″ mosiac
tile(Color D617). floor and shower area will be accented with a border of triple row of DaTile “Sonterra” Iridescent
Ice White 1″x1″ mosaic tile (Color SR72).
5. Supply and install built in soap and shampoo niche, and tile the same as the shower wall. Base of niche to be marble.
1. Remove all construction debris from site daily.
2. Supply and install misc bathroom accessories: one (1) recessed NuTone (Hampton series 4″ deep, medicine
cabinet and mirror in White frame, 625N244WHC) over sink, toilet paper holder, one 24″ and one 18″ tower bars,
rob hook, hand tower ring, and shower curtain rod. location as indicated on sketch.

Suffolk County 27543-H1 9-10-99 to present, 15435-H1 7-1-88 to 7-1-97  Nassau County H2209100000  Southampton L002384  NYC and The Five Boroughs 1321423

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