Belgard Natural Elements – product’s Color, Shape and Texture

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Color brings out the very best in your hardscape and home. The best advise when choosing your Belgard paver colors is to select hues that work in harmony with your home environment. You don’t have to match what is existing on your house, but try and compliment what you have by choosing a slightly lighter or darker color so the two don’t compete with each other. You can avoid monotony by combining two colors or by using pavers with blended colors.
Shape combines with pattern for a one-two punch. For structures with simple straight lines, pavers with interesting shapes installed in a geometrical pattern work nicely. The patterns you choose will help create the unique look you’re after.
Texture equals visual interest. Belgard pavers come in a variety of texture. From richly dimpled surfaces to gently distressed edges to create the antique look. Adding multiple textures in one space can add even more visual interest.

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