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By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Swimming pool companies on long island provide cleaning services and maintenance for all swimming pools’ owners. There are  more then 500 companies   only  12 of them own the place of business where their company are established  so you can really say that  there are only 12 established  pool companies on long island .and  all 12 own the molds to build concrete walls . About 3 out of them will build the pool and also have a masonry division in house and that is as far as everyone goes as far doing everything in house. At Gappsi we build all in house with company’s employees. Each company division if managed by qualified person with a vast knowledge and experience within their field. From our office manager designer Farah Parker  with full knowledge of hardscape and landscape design Farah can answer any of your question about all our services. Kevin Anderson is in charge of the swimming pool division and everything about swimming pools. Kevin supevises from 3 construction trucks and 2 services trucks and 6 employees. Kevin builds about 40 swimming pools per year and services over 400 .for any questions about Gappsi pools please e-mail Kevin.

At Gappsi invested in the best aluminum molds we build every pool as one  pour, the pools we build are on piece. We invest and add molds as needed with our new designs of new pools. Gappsi builds automated swimming pool safety covers and the way we do it we build the swimming pool to fit the cover we don’t just throw a cover on your pool. All our masonry work is done in house by Gappsi employees and Mike Specchio is in charge of this division we  employee about 20  masons and leborers and all they do is installation of paving stone, retaining walls wall veneers and natural stones pavers for pool patio driveways and walkways. To contact Mike please e-mail him at landscape division is supervised and managed by Rolando Adamowictz. Rolando is a graduated landscape designer with 23 years of field experience. Rolando specialty is from grading and drainage to plants selection landscape design and material suggestions water falls and ponds. Also Rolando has a vast knowledge in masonry his division builds landscapes as well as masonry. To contact

Rolando email him at

The carpentry division in managed and supervised by Charles Cocchiola.

Charles knowledge in carpentry includes interior finished wood working total home remodeling indoor and out, full kitchens and baths as well as pool houses, cabana, pergola and decks. In January 2011 our carpentry showroom will be open at our location where we will display Charles work and all our exclusive indoor tiles and counter tops our display will include a full wood kitchen and 2 baths showing our exclusive pink marble, our botticino marble, our fiorito travertine tumbled tiles and our Scogli di Mare for the kitchen counter top, kitchen tile floor and backsplash Scogli di Mare split face veneer. Our Scolgi di Mare lime stone was used in polished slab form for The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10028-0198. Our carpentry division will offer full architectural design and construction of all face of home construction to contact Charles for any questions please send e-mails to

 For all natural stones questions please email  Giuseppe Abbranbati vast knowledge and experience in the natural stone industry led to our beautiful selection of natural stone pavers and wall from researching and visiting many international tradeshows to find the most unique and exotic natural stones. From sand stones walls and garden ornaments, Scogli di Mare limestone with shells fossils shown to the surface and color variations of gray green and beige. The lookof our Scogli di Mare is pleasant and admirable. It is available in opus Romano pattern 6×9 pavers, 2 inches thick random pool coping, and tumbled split face wall veneer. The pompei lime stone is the most beautiful and antique natural cleft paving stone finish. It comes in 6×9 pavers as well as Versailles pattern along with matching wall and coping. Our mint sandstone is manufactured to create dry stacked wall system with the soft beige white and brown veins and shades it comes in split face and tumbled finish. Our travertines are the most beautiful annexed travertines and the most dense for durable quality. From our fiorito that ranges in shade of gray ,black ,white, beige brown  and many other shades ,our natural is a golden travertine with veins of white gray and yellow ,our moca travertine is a reach brown color with variation of beige it is very pleasant to look at. Our classico travertine is primary composed of dark beige with highlights of white veins, all our travertine are available in French pattern pavers this pattern ranges in sizes of 8×8 inches ,16×8 inches,16×16 and 16×24 inches  also 6×9 pavers and 6×12 pavers and all matching coping and wall veneers. One of the oldest structures built with Travertine is the roman coliseum in Rome Italy. Our travertine colors are very warm looking and colorful with many veins and fossils marks to revile timeless beauty millions of years for the creation of travertine and thousand of years in use by our ancestors, Travertine Stones release energy to ones body, mind and soul for which you can never stop admiring, appreciating and enjoying.

Suffolk County 27543-H1 9-10-99 to present, 15435-H1 7-1-88 to 7-1-97  Nassau County H2209100000  Southampton L002384  NYC and The Five Boroughs 1321423

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