By giuseppe Abbrancati If you are using natural stones you may want to use 6×9 amaganset granite pavers from the Gappsi collection. The next selection could be pompei 6×9 Or if you want to use concrete pavers you can use golden brown Nicolock with chamois borders. You have come to the right place. Gappsi can

By Giuseppe Abbrancati decorative pebbles are used to accent flower beds or simple gravel path gravel pebbles are the finishing touch to ponds and water falls. Just like spice is to food. Natural stone pebbles are to landscaping,  They are very versatile and very popular. The colors selection, textures and sizes   are too many to

By Giuseppe Abbrancati We are experts in all aspects of pool construction, restoration, remodeling and maintenance. We are a professional concrete and steel wall swimming pool installer company. We are a third generation of concrete construction background and swimming pool builders. We offer a showroom with all supplies for your pool we are also a

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Clay brick paver’s benefits: gallery of colors and patterns long island .Gappsi distributors, contractor’s installers, Clay brick is a very old method of manufacturing building products for paving as well as veneering. Dating back to the beginning of man kind  interest of providing shelter , by building small simple structures  of clay  and then

 By Giuseppe Abbrancati To complete the back yard, the travertine pool patio is the final phase of the masonry for this spectacular pool project. The main level patio is a 4 inch step up from the free formed pool with custom automatic safety cover. Custom 12 x 24 inch at 2 inch thick travertine coping

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Gappsi builds saltwater systems for swimming pools. Salt water is very good for your body it is very soft and very good for your skin. It will not discolor your hair like a chlorine water pools. Salt water pools do not use chlorine and will keep your water safe and balanced with

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Gappsi only sales direct to direct buy members, all natural stones from our imported stone selection is discounted at Gappsi natural stone show room. If you are looking for a quote On natural stone pavers and walls and wall veneers to use around your pool and a patio please call the office

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Cobblestones were mostly used for streets back in the day in the European villages as well as some quaint towns in the US. In the states we commonly use them for driveways, borders and aprons; they are small and medium rectangular stones. The name cobblestone came by the actual process of making

  By Giuseppe Abbrancati Steel wall or concrete wall swimming pools which one is better? It all depends on who you are talking to. Steel wall swimming pools are expected to last 30 years and some people argue that in 30 years from now they won’t be here, but some times they could be wrong.

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Out door lighting have become very popular. Homeowners are more concerned about safety and also outdoor lights add life to your yard. Outdoor lights are inviting and  Welcome friends to the front door. Landscape lights come in every shape and sizes and they are made for different function. Accenting your landscape trees

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