By Giuseppe Abbrancati Steel wall or concrete wall swimming pools which one is better? It all depends on who you are talking to. Steel wall swimming pools are expected to last 30 years and some people argue that in 30 years from now they won’t be here, but some times they could be wrong.

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Out door lighting have become very popular. Homeowners are more concerned about safety and also outdoor lights add life to your yard. Outdoor lights are inviting and  Welcome friends to the front door. Landscape lights come in every shape and sizes and they are made for different function. Accenting your landscape trees

  By Giuseppe Abbrancati Overstocked inventory of pool supplies and pool toys discounted for fast sale. Our new line of swimming pool products for next season of 2011 will be coming in January featuring new products. Also some of our products are discounted for the spring of 2011, but at our pool store we always

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  By Giuseppe Abbrancati We are architecture and landscape drafting and design outsourcing facility. Gappsi Staff has provided service for landscaping design across the United States for several years. We provide the full range of services needed to create your plans, from the presentation of your first sketches to the full construction drawings including: planting

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Swimming pool companies on long island provide cleaning services and maintenance for all swimming pools’ owners. There are  more then 500 companies   only  12 of them own the place of business where their company are established  so you can really say that  there are only 12 established  pool companies on long island

 By Giuseppe Abbrancati Fiberglass pools have come a long way by getting more popular every year, People like the fact that the texture feels like walking in a bathroom tub, but they are very limited in customization but they have many shapes and colors available. The freedom of building a pool totally custom is not

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Geometrical swimming pools are more versatile and give a lot more freedom as far as designing. Many layouts can be achieved to compliment various styles of architecture and more functional swimming pools can be created. Straight, angled and curved lines are utilized in a geometrical shaped pool, from rectangular to asymmetrical to

By Giuseppe Abbrancaty Free formed swimming pools can be shaped in many sizes and styles,Every swimming pool company on long island calls their pools different names to market them selves. Some common names of free formed swimming pools are: kidney, Mountain Lake. Lagoon. Double lagoon, mountain pond, harbor cove etc.. But in the end a

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Swimming pool sizes are determined by the consumer’s necessity and household size. A big swimming pool is not always a good to have because it is more expensive to operate and maintain unless you have a specific reason to have a extra large sized pool. Whether it is because of a large family

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