Water Features Gappsi water features are displayed everywhere in Nassau and Suffolk County on long island NY. Every water feature design is unique and one of a kind, our Gappsi design experts create a perfect outdoor relaxation area for your needs. We can install any type of water feature you desire from pool waterfalls, pond

Cambridge pavers are high quality pavers, manufactured of high density cement.They have a very large selection of colors and shapes and are available on long island,distributed through a dealer network. Gappsi is a dealer and installer of thise products. Below we listed all the cambridge colors and shapes. The Sherwood Collection includes Ledgestone III, Ledgestone

Long Island Landscape Designers, Looking For Advises And Ideas Gappsi Is The Company For You.

About Gappsi Services ,swimming pools,masonry,landscaping,carpentry and natural stones –designers-suppliers-installers. Gappsi pools has been building in ground concrete walls swimming pools, pool copings and pool patios for both Nassau and Suffolk county on long island for more than 22 years. As a poolscape contractor, designer and installer, we have to adapt to new ideas, concepts and

Pool shapes and options Pools can be practically shaped into any form whether we use gunite, steel or molded concrete walls. Gunite use to be the only way a pool could be shaped, not anymore. Gappsi pools of Smithtown, long island New York builds gunite pools. Here is how we build a gunite pool. A

There are many reasons that we do a design plan for our costumers, most of the times homeowners don’t really know where to start when it comes to home improvement. So by having us do a design plan for them, it gives them a starting point with direction and cost breakdown. We do 3-D design

Suggesting plant material is a personal preference. One designer could list you a number of perennials that another designer would shoot down. So what I am going to do is list some perennials by their attributes to help you better understand what perennials can offer you. I think the best perennials for Long Island are

Gappsi pools has been building swimming pools, pool copings and pool patios for both Nassau and Suffolk county on long island for more than 22 years. As a poolscape contractor, designer and installer, we have to adapt to new ideas, concepts and products to improve the quality of our work and poolscape services for all

This driveway has presented many problems to access the garage due to the high degree of the slope. The house was built in the 1950’s and the environmental department rules back then were not as strict as it is today. With today’s rules and regulations this building lot would not have been approved for building a residential construction because during the winter months it’s been very dangerous for this homeowner to drive up and down this very steep driveway. The installation of paving stones has made the curb appeal of this house the neighborhood talk.

The installation of Nicolock colonial coble 4 pieces random combo in Granite City blend on one inch of sand over the existing concrete base gave the driveway surface a texture for the car tires to grip and the look of a natural cobblestone pavement. The multi level retaining walls created terraced planting boxes a setting you would find on the Tuscany coast line of Italy or the Amalfi cost.
The new construction of this front yard created additional parking areas at the driveway entrance, for the home owner to be able to park the cars off the street in heavy snow storms. A Belgium block curb has been installed on both sides of the driveway to prevent cars from sliding out of the driveway in icy conditions.
In addition to this safety feature the installation of paver lights in the driveway border further helps the drivers see the edge of the driveway when backing out of the garage it also enhances the beauty of this front yard. In-lite paver lights were used for the driveway, 1 inch led lights were installed we started with drilling precise holes in the paver borders, the lights were then slid in from the bottom before laying the pavers. Each light came with 24 inches of extension wire that has been connected to the main electrical feed wire that runs on the outside of the driveway. The walls and steps were lit with Evening Star lights, the lights installed under the caps of the steps make the walking area to the bottom of the driveway very safe and by using warm white light the entire front yard turns in to a spectacular setting, functional, safe walking and driving areas. Lights under the wall caps further enhance the landscape planting beds. The outdoor lighting used in this project is only visible at night when the power is on, during the day time the light fixtures are camouflaged with the masonry brick work and the flower colors of the landscape.

What is a perennial?

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A perennial is a flower that comes back every year. contact gappsi with any questions you have about flowers and gardens.

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