Liner installation: Gappsi liner installation process starts with compaction and preparation of the inside pool ground. A base material is installed on the floor before the liner gets installed in the swimming pool. There are 3 types of base material used to complete the pool bottom: The first way is clean sand, leveled and compacted.

Stripping of aluminum molds.

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After pouring the concrete to fill the molds to create the concrete wall, the next step is to remove the molds of the swimming pool walls. When the shape appears, we precede with the cleaning of the walls. We grind down any extra cement on walls and any sharp edges of the pool’s steps, benches

excavation and aluminum mods delivery , redy to se molds and shape pool .

this was a large landscape progect designed and installed by gappsi .This fire place is one of the fetures incorporate in the living space of the patio.

gappsi showroom

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