Car oil leak stains cleaning solutions Long Island

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nicolock paving stones stained with oil

nicolock paving stones stained with oil

It is very aggravating to see oil stains on your driveway. Oil stains are very noticeable and also hard to remove. There are many solutions to remove the stains from the stones, but before you do that it is more important you’re your car does not leak anymore oil. My first suggestion to clean the stains is to let it weather on its own. Rain and the sun will eventually dry up the stain .in the event that you want to clean the oil right away there are cleaners that can be used but you must fallow the instruction how to use these chemicals because you could make a bigger problem , after you apply the oil cleaners an the dry surface and over the oil stains ,let the chemicals break up the oils stain for 10 minutes, then you should use a metal brush to scrub the stained stones and add some cleaner to the surface while you scrubbing it , do this for another 10 minutes and as you scrub the stones make sure that they don’t dry up just keep adding cleaner fluid and after that wash the treated area with clean water rinse it until no sign of chemicals are left on the pavers.
if the stains are still there after the paving stones are dried you can repeat the same process again.

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