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To get the best information and the right education on a swimming pools and spas, landscaping, masonry, carpentry, natural stones, out door lighting, irrigations you need to interview minimum 3 companies. Most home improvement companies will provide free estimate and consultation and that is very nice and also very accommodating for most home owners that have a very busy life. But talk is cheap and some people are professional talkers more then they are home improvement experts. Before you make a commitment and give money to a contractor you must put them to the test. The most important factors that make a company reliable are:

1= their place of business where you can show up any time you want
A company guaranty is only as good as their address.

2= that the real state is owned by the company is very important because any body can rent.

3= you also must visit their place of operation because swimming pools and any other home improvements services are performed by machinery and seeing what kind of machinery a company has that tells you what kind of employees It has as well.
Because if you only see their fancy offices that could be just a front.

4= you should visit jobs that are under construction because that is where you can see how your job is done and who will work on your house and how the company real operates.

5=before they take any money from you should feel totally educated on the product they are selling you. If they offer you incentives like a gift to get you to sign that is not the place you want to shop.
The best companies are the ones that would not lower their price dramatically if you try to negotiate with them. The first price they give you should be the only price .because if they show sign of manipulating numbers very easy that is the same way they will try to manipulate you.

6= a company that can provide everything you need to start and complete your project
From beginning to the end could save you lots of money and lots of aggravation and if you can hire one company for everything that alone is half of the battle and it is priceless.

7= also to get to know how good a company is you should ask what they do or did in their community as a local business.
8= In you check with the bbb about the company you want to hire if the company is not a member of the bbb is better because it means they do not need to be protected .
There could be hundreds other things you can look into for you to select a company but these are the key elements and they very simple to exercise them and If you fallow all these advises above the company that would impress the most is the company you want to hire if quality work and a good experience is what you are looking for.

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