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Cloud 9 pools, is the swimming pool division of the GAPPSI group. . Every division of the gappsi group operate as a different entity for insurances reasons, this allows gappsi to provide the right coverage to protect our customers property and investments. And also helps gappsi save money to be able to pass them on to our costumers. And also to provide opportunities to all gappsi employs’ to be part owners of the gappsi group and to create success for themselves and for the gappsi association. This will translate in to an employ owned company that will guaranty all gappsi costumers the longevity of gappsi services and warranties.

Giuseppe Abbrancati started cloud 9 pools as a corporation in 2008 in partnership with Kevin Anderson, a veteran and a legend in the swimming pool industry. Kevin’s carrier as a swimming pool expert started by working as a helper working with swimming pool companies on long island through his high school and college years. Kevin studied Architecture at the New York Institute of Technology. And after graduating from college Kevin started his own swimming pool company, providing his services of swimming pool builder to all the major swimming pool companies on long island thus making Kevin expertise complete not only as a pool builder but also as to know every pool company way of doing things and learning about his competitors short cuts and way of building swimming pools and spas. Kevin’s brought all his experience and knowledge to gappsi. As a swimming pool company gappsi provides top quality swimming pools, starting with the amount of rebar’s installed in the concrete walls to the equipments brands and the qualified labors that have been working with Kevin for many years. We made many improvements to the standard construction of the swimming pools, our pocket wall system for allowing the slab poured for the patio to be directly attached to the pool walls without the dangers of having rebar sticking up for a while after the construction of the pool walls or having holes left around your pool by the sano tubes left to be filled by concrete until when the patio is installed. Our swimming pool safety auto cover system with in wall box makes the auto cover retracts in to the pool wall and under the pool coping our innovation in designing is always being at the cutting edge. When gappsi designs a swimming pool it includes the surrounding patio steps and also drainage issues, grading and landscaping is also taking under consideration, but most of all your entire backyards functionality. That is all possible because of all gappsi divisions experts input on every design gappsi produces. Gappsi pools, is always looking for new products and always finding new ways to build the perfect swimming pool.

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