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Steel wall pools are a thing of the past. Paying a company thousands of dollars to install a steel wall pool, when you can get 10 inches rebar reinforced concrete wall pool, is a sign of pour education and of lack of research on the consumers part. The steel wall pool in the picture above was replaced by Kevin Anderson, from Gappsi pools, with a concrete wall pool, months after this home owner had the new liner installed from a different pool company. After the installation of the pool liner in late September the pool was winterized and a new loop loc cover was installed. A leak developed in the pool liner which drained the water inside the swimming pool. There are many places where the water could have escaped; the light, the bottom drain, any of the fitting of the pool jets or it could have been a hole in the liner accidentally punctured by the crew that installed the liner. Along with the new swimming pool liner, the homeowner had a solid loop loc cover installed over the pool. This further contributed to the collapsing of the swimming pool because a solid loop loc cover is very heavy. After a heavy rain storm that saturated the soil around the swimming pool, it applied lots of inward pulling weight to the pool walls and by lack of water to counter weight the pressure from the ground on the outside of the swimming pool. This particular accident was nobody’s fault. The pool was about 15 years old and it does not matter how old the pool is because if a steel wall swimming pool is empty in these situations could not survive. There was no way for the home owner to realize that the pools was empty because the loop loc cover stays very straight and showed no signs of emptiness below . Unfortunately, this was a very disappointing and a very expensive experience for these home owners. Beside the swimming pool and the new loop loc cover, they also had to reinstall the patio, repair all the landscape from the front yard, and to the masonry around the new swimming pool. This amounted to double the cost of building the new pool. The only good thing about this is that people who read this blog will be well educated when making a decision to build a inground swimming pool. GAPPSI concrete 10” wall are superior to steel wall pools.

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