Concrete footing poured for a paver patio Long Island

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I have a concrete footing poured for a paver patio in my back yard 20×50. I am planning on installing travertine pavers ontop of compacted 3/4″ gravel, limestone chat and a thin layer of sand. This is what I have been told is the best way to dry lay travertine. I am concerned with the freeze thaw conditions in Kansas. One contractor indicated that when he did a project with travertine some of the pavers turned to a powder and had to be removed. He indicated some homeowners request travertine against his advice and said that he would hand dip the paver in sealer to protect the stone. This sounds like over kill to me. I have been told if I pour a concrete pad and mortar in the pavers they will expand and contract and cause them to crack. I would like a low or no maintenance patio without weeds growing in the cracks and look professional. I am also curious if you can pour concrete steps and attach travertine with mortar or is this asking for the travertine to crack.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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