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Please see the attached video. Did the guys not think that I would see this? Why wasn’t I told yesterday a line was broken and pissing water everywhere? It is obvious that the line froze over the winter and cracked. The body of the valve is broken and the crack extends into the elbow. I guess they figured they would leave it like this and maybe I would never move the valve from the full open position where it wasn’t leaking?

Also, why should I have to be fixing things at 7:30 in the dark last night when I hired you to do the pool opening? The cracked valve is for the spa overflow. With the system running in pool mode I closed the overflow valve. Shortly after closing the manual overflow valve to the spa the pump ran dry and would not prime up again. After I checked lines with a flashlight in the dark hoping something else wasn’t cracked, I found the issue. The motorized 3-way valve on the suction of the pump was in the wrong position. While running in pool mode it was pulling from the Spa. The only reason the system was running when the guys left was because they had the cracked manual overflow/bypass valve 100 percent open to the spa keeping if full. If they would have closed that manual valve they would have seen the system pump pull all the water from the spa and run dry once it was empty. I corrected the issue by changing the toggle switch on the bottom of the suction actuator. After I did this while in pool mode the system was now pulling from the pool and also discharging to the pool, as it should in “pool” mode.

I paid you to close the pool; obviously this was not done right as you can see in the video from the frozen cracked line. I hired you to do the pool opening, obviously this was not done right either because I had to come on and adjust actuators in the dark. It is pretty upsetting that you are the “pool” guys and I have to correct the system so it works properly. I will now have my men cut out the cracked valve and piping and replace it. I can’t trust that it will be done properly by you anymore after what was done yesterday. I will send you the bill for the labor and material needed to cut and replace the cracked piping as result of the system not being drained/winterized properly.

Not to mention all the other issues that I have since you guys did the project that I have just let go or were never addressed Trees, bushes and sod that either died or never blossomed last year which I called about, I guess was not important enough to fix or look at. Waterfall that was never finished to our likings, this is supposed to be fixed this spring. Brinks on the steps to the spa that are now loose and if stepped on will pop up and potentially causing someone to hurt themselves, supposed to fix this also. The vinyl covering on the soffit of the house that falls out anytime we have winds over 20 mph, this is where you hit the house with the backhoe and smashed it up real good, guess I will just deal with this. The gutter that you replaced as a result of smashing the house leaking water onto the brick, making for an ice skating rink during the thaw and freeze. List goes on and on and I have had it. Just disgusted with all this crap. If I ran my company like this I would be out of business in no time
Gappsi took care of this homeowners problems because his pool guy would not do anything for him !!!

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