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rca,crushed concrete, recycled   suppliers long island

rca,crushed concrete, recycled suppliers long island

Crushed concrete also has other names such recycled concrete and rca. It is produced by the recycling of old concrete that gets removed from old concrete driveways, patios and sidewalks. It is crushed and mixed with dirt that gets excavate during the removal of the concrete slabs. The quality of crushed concrete is based how much dirt is mixed with the concrete. The less the dirt the better the crushed concrete. There is also state approved crushed concrete, what this means is that it is used for state and municipal project. You can also buy this product and use for your driveway or patio, but of course it is the most expensive rca. Usually the only way to know if you are buying good crushed concrete is by the price, because some places that the manufacture rca they will give to you for free, that is when they want to get read of it because is taking too much room and nobody wants it because it is just bad dirt not crushed Gappsi we like to pay a little more and get the good stuff because our customer Trust that we do a good job besides we guarantee our installations , so if we do not use quality products we will be responsible and we do for our customers and also our reputation. Gappsi can design, supply and install your entire project. To learn more about Gappsi products and services for Nassau and Suffolk county long island NY .Please e mail us at or call Gappsi at 631-543-1177 or visit Gappsi Show Room at 1015 west Jericho turn pike Smithtown NY 11787 or visit us on line at :

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