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swimming pools,landscape,masonry,natural stones,carpentry,outdoor lighting deck and patio company long island

swimming pools,landscape,masonry,natural stones,carpentry,outdoor lighting deck and patio company long island

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I see where you are coming from and I do not blame for for being upset, however we are not totally to blame for the unfortunate events. During that time of the year we are extremely busy as you may image. Faxing something over with your basic info, opening date as ASAP, and NO credit card info would normally result in that fax being thrown in the thrash, however you are a returning custermer and we always try to be accomodating. We then attempted to pencil you in for the next avialable day and things changed around. If you knew of a BBQ you should have scheduled atleast a full week before. Until then you were asked to get the pool ready to be opened, water level up, cover clean and dry. You said no problem its ready, however it was not. The first day I showed up ahead of the rest of the crew to get things going, I’m glad I did because I was able to tell them not to bother and that we had to pump cover and clean cover. To get you pool open under normal conditions it would have taken about an hour. The way the pool looked it took us 2 days and several hours to get it even half way open. Most of the work you had to do was stuff that should have been done before we even got there. The opening was not completed but still took a lot of time and had we had no power issues we could have finished, however having to pay full price is not fair so I think $100 is fair, and the leaf raking was done by us and again should have been done before we got there. Simply to cover the labor $40 is fair. The pump is cheap considering I had to rewire the thing,so $600 is fair. So 600+100+40= 740+63.83=803.83. Because of the labor involved I believe it’s fair, however feel free to e-mail Kevin the owner at kevin@gappsi.com, he has the final say in all billing manners.

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