Do I need a permit for a swimming pool-and how much does it cost long island

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by Giuseppe Abbrancati
You need to get a permit before you build a swimming pool because any thing that you do illegal can become a bigger problem than some time is worth it.
If you get caught you might just be requested to file for the permit, or sometimes it could be a big fine plus double the permit fee.
Also by filing for permit you might discover that you may be allowed to do things better then you thought you could do or realize that what you wanted to do was not the right thinks and you could have a bigger problem getting all approved after. you might be to close to the property line, might not have fallowed the right set back and in some situations people have built swimming pools on other people property. And in many situations the problems were not the towns but the neighbors. Also by not getting the proper permits for swimming pools the insurance companies might have a legit reason not to back up claims if in case an accident occurs by the swimming pool. The cost for swimming pool permit fees are noit that much and also the taxes will not go up as much as you think.

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