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Hi Courtney,

Im not sure if I understood the question before. Idk what you guys used for the firepit, but I’m thinking it was a Nicolock/Hanover wall system. That’s the same material I would recommend for the front and the top platform would be the granite to match the driveway.

I think Giuseppe figured in the walkway from the door to the patio. I’ll ask him tomorrow. If not, if you don’t mind you can give me the measurements from the door to the patio. This way I could get you price quick.

The normal size walkway is usually 4′.
It also depends upon how big your gate is into your backyard. Mike,

I believe that I am going to have to take down tree(s) before you can begin the job so I think you or Giuseppe may need to come to mark it out soon so I can arrange that as I am not sure if it is just the one by the curb or another tree on the garage side (and not too sure which one it is on the garage side if any) both are over 100 feet tall so its a big removal. Let me know what we have to do…

Thanks as always and please bare with me.. I am sorry for all the questions its just alot of coordinating of my part for this job…. I have a lot of plants that have to be removed and relocated as I plan on reusing them as well as the tree removal and fence relocation prior…. Ughh what did I get myself into



My gate is 4′ wide and the estimated footage is 45 feet from the side door to the back patio connection… Also I was outside and looking at the front and I think Giuseppe may have built the cut through driveway to my husband garage on top of my built in stone light that’s in the front bed. Not too sure if we can work around that or not but I would like to leave it if possible… Would it help if I took pictures of the front of the house and the trees to give you a better idea before coming to mark out?

The walkway would have to be 4′ wide this way it lines up with gate.

Whatever needs to be moved on your husband’s driveway side will be moved. Not to concerned about the light.

Don’t worry about the pics. The day the excavator comes to your house we’ll mark it out.

Michael Specchio I can be home any time of day except for 9:15-9:45 and 11:15-11:45 so let me know what time works for you.. Scott and I were just outside so I have an idea of what we wish to try and maintain and what we wish to add so I look forward to going over this and you marking it out. I will give you a deposit when you are here so you don’t think you are marking this out for nothing… We are going to proceed I just need to coordinate some stuff prior with the landscaping, trees, fences so it may take a couple of weeks for us to be ready for you but I will do my best to get this stuff done fast before busy season comes for you and they wait is forever ;-). I just don’t want to overlook anything…


Could stop by tomorrow. Let me know if that works for you.

I have a tree guy too. Idk if he is going to want to take any of the trees down

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