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turf stone pavers with grass in between long island

turf stone pavers with grass in between long island

The look of having grass between the pavers sound like a nice idea but it is not practical and it is not appealing. It is a concept that works well in commercial applications where large parking areas water runoff is controlled with the turf stone pavers. These paving stones allow the grass to grow in between the spaces /holes molded in the pavers.
In a residential application it does not really matter to have grass steeps grow in between the pavers because it would be affected by the cars being parked on then and it would not grow right it is also a problem with the irrigation and also cutting the grass. To create an inlay in the driveway can be done with two different colors of paving stones. Nicolock is the premier manufacture that Gappsi uses
Nicolock manufactures several variations of long island eco-friendly permeable paving products. These products reduce water pollution by allowing storm water to percolate back into the soil and into the water table rather than creating runoff that goes into sewers and waterways. Permeable pavers reduce storm water runoff by up to 100%. These pavers are designed to support heavy vehicular loads as well as high volume pedestrian traffic. Turf stone and Checker Block also allow grass coverage on driving surfaces.

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