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Engineered pavement systems have been perfected over many years. Manufactured plastic edge restraints have been used by ancient generations produced by stone curbing .edge restraint systems an already proven system. Many edge restraints do not do a good job preventing the pavement borders and maintaining the paving stone system interlock. There are few edge restraint systems available on the market to mention a few:
The EdgePro® system, manufactured by Dimex, features two basic components – a rigid strip for straight runs and a flexible strip for curves and arcs. The strips are fixed to the sub-base or sub-grade by metal spikes.
Gappsi edge restraint, This system uses the weight of the paving to help stabilize the restraining strip. Unlike other systems where the spikes/nails are placed outside the pavement, the Gappsi™ system utilizes adjustable straps to connect the restraining strip to the plastic spikes which is driven in beneath the paving
perhaps better known for their drainage products, have recently entered this market with their Border guard product. This is manufactured from 100% recycled plastics, which means it’s very light (under 400g per linear meter) and easy to cut to size. to each piece.
An alternative UK system is “Linefix”® manufactured and sold by Hauraton Kaskade. This product is manufactured from recycled HDPE plastic and the serrated back flange gives a degree of flexibility for creating curves and arcs. It is fixed to the sub-base by 250mm plastic ‘nails’ at 400-600mm centres, although steel nails can be used on stony ground.
The edge restraint system from Snap-Edge Corporation relies on a single component for both straights and curves. The strip is supplied as a rigid, straight strip, but simple snipping of the back edge allows it to be flexed to suit arcs as fast as 1 metre radius. Again, steel nails are used to fasten the strips to the underlying layers.
The edge restraint system from Pave Tech Inc., is said to be the original and most commonly specified edge restraint in the world. It comes in 3 forms – “Rigid”, for straight runs, “Flex” for curves and arcs, and “Industrial” for heavy duty applications.

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