Efflorescence-white film-powder-over paving stone –solutions to remove long island

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by Giuseppe Abbrancati

Efflorescence-white film-powder-over paving stone –solutions to remove long island
Last July I had Cambridge Ledgestone IV pavers installed in a new back yard patio and Cambridge Roundtable pavers installed in a new walkway in the front of my house. While the workmanship and design of the pavers look fine, the pavers look horrible. There is a white residue permeating through the pavers, grass growing in between the pavers and white residue dripping all over the grey pavers under the stoop. The quality of the pavers seems terribly poor. Is there anything that can be done to eliminate the white residue?
Regards Mark.

Hello Mark
There is nothing wrong with the pavers. Most of the times It is a normal curing process of the paving stones .as far as the patio stones goes, leave it for a list 2 years and the white should eventually go away and if not you can apply e efflorescence remover but you have to wait at list 2 years first. As far as the wall you will have to do the same but it will be a little difficult to make that go away because it is not the lime from the pavers that is dripping down the wall , but it is the lime bleaching out of the cement joints or the cement that in behind the paver wall . We do different things to the wall to prevent that when we build them and most of the time we do not use pavers for the stoops but retaining wall systems or natural stones .because with the wall systems we don need to use a cement joint and natural stones do not get effected by lime .
Regards Giuseppe Abbrancati

Hi Giuseppe,
Thank you very much for getting back to me. Now I understand what it is. It looks terrible so I guess I’ll have to come up with some type of cleaner to eliminate the white bleaching out from the cement. We have grey pavers and the white streaking makes it look bad. Thanks again for your help. Be well.


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