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Dear Mike Specchio
Good Morning and happy Sunday to you.. I know that you are scheduled to come tomorrow weather permitting and as we all know it may be difficult for me to spend some time with you outside when you arrive (due to chocolate syrup 🙂 to go over all the driveway details.. Anyhow Scott and I have spend much time outside looking at the driveway and driving it to make sure it all works.. Here is what we realized and would like and hopefully this will also help shave down the square footage a bit. This is not dead set, we are happy to hear you reasoning are on things.

My driveway – 12 foot opening at curb plus flair (I know you are opposed to the flair with the half circle but I am sure we can make it work somehow).. We would like this because our neighbors park so close to our driveway and behind it and this allows us to get in and out with ease.

Staircase – I know you said it would be a 5′ platform with 2 steps but the house is much higher than that.. My other staircase is over 8′ long and I want to make sure that their are at least 3-4 steps on the new staircase. What with the depth of the steps be and the distance between each step also?

Center half circle – Reduce to 12 feet wide. I don’t believe this will compromise the look of the driveway it just that if we cant fit two cars I think that is still wide enough to allow for car doors to be opened and not be on the flower beds or lawn.

Scotts driveway – 13 foot opening at curb plus flair. Same reasoning as above. He would like to continue the 13 foot opening till roughly around the big holly bush where we will then shape it and go 6 feet off the house.. He would like the width on the left side to be 18″ from the west side garage door opening.

Just sending our thoughts now so I don’t forget anything when I talk to you…

Also when you come here before we begin can you help me get up the travertine that is covering the motor for the pool cover.. It seems to be cemented in place and we can not get it out and don’t want to damage tiles and our electrician needs to take pictures of the motor for my inspection.

Thanks so much and I look forward to the amazing driveway…

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