Engineer’s report for our upcoming pool inspection Long Island

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need to X-ray or dig up the pool

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Hi Scott,
Just checking to see if you have any information regarding updating the engineer’s report for our upcoming inspection.
Thank you,

Yes i was going to write you today. That particular engineer is nearly impossible to get a hold of. Since the time we built your pool we have begun to use a new guy. Both I and Kevin call him everyday and i faxed him. Ask the town if there is anything else they can do. Also i believe his phone number is on that letter, please call him also and give his number to the inspector. I am going to this guy’s house on Sunday to try to track him down

Thank you Scott. I called and left a message for the engineer and also left him the Inspector’s phone number. I appreciate all your help.

Hi Scott,
I spoke with the Inspector and he said that either you get the Engineer to update his letter or you need to X-ray or dig up the pool to view the rebar.
We are quite upset by all of this. I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to contact your staff, the engineer and have had multiple meetings and discussions with the inspector.
We have our inspection scheduled for this coming Monday the 29th and the permits expire on August 31st.

Hello Scott,
Today is our scheduled pool inspection which I will reschedule since I haven’t heard from you.
I spoke with Giuseppe on Friday and he was planning to discuss the situation with you. The permit expires on Wednesday the 31st of this month.
We would like to know what your plan is now, since we are unable to reach the engineer. We are very disappointed by the situation Please contact me as soon as possible.
Thank you,

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