Excellent pools 16×32 rectangle-auto cover-smart technology long island

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By Kevin Anderson
Excellent pools 16×32 rectangle with and auto cover & smart pool technology long island
Wantagh swimming pool installation.Gappsi was contracted to build a 16 X 32 Rectangle with an Auto Cover. Auto Covers have become a specialty for Gappsi Pools. Becoming the best company for auto covers was easy. Auto Covers have become so popular in the last few years we had to improve on what the industry was doing. We were not satisfied with troughs beings installed as an afterthought, Plastic, wood cement block troughs being installed after the pool is built is the norm in the industry. But at Gappsi we pour our trough as one unit with the pool. Every aspect of the auto cover has been improved; no other company can now be considered an equal on auto cover pool installations. For more details please visit us.
This particular pool was built using our 10” 4000 psi concrete wall system, an Alps fiberglass corner stair, a Coverstar auto cover and all Zodiac (Jandy) equipment. Again we are using the PB11j for our hard bottom. This pool was built shallow with a very gradual slope to allow the customer to set up Basketball and volleyball in this pool. Sheer decents will be installed. Once the patio is finished this pool will be a very fun addition to the property.

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