FAQ About Travertine: Pavers, Tiles, Benefits, Long Island

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 By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Frequently asked questions about travertine pavers and tiles everything you should know and need to know. About travertine and natural stones.

What is Gappsi travertine?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by consumers. Travertine is as old as the earth itself, but still new to many people and homeowners that are in the market for redoing their outdoor patio or their bathrooms and kitchens. Travertine is a natural stone cut right from the quarries.

How is travertine produced?

Travertine is a buildup of calcium that is generated from hot water springs in shallow bodies of water, lime is then brought to the surface and left there once the water drains into the ground during high and low tides, or by running water that had a high concentration of calcium and residue build up the river bed over millions of years.

 Where does Gappsi travertine come from?

Gappsi travertine is made in many regions of the world; the largest suppliers of travertine are Italy, Turkey, Israel, Mexico and Peru. Trough history travertine has been used in these countries due to the fact that it was a local product and transportation was convenient there are lots of monuments and buildings that are still standing after thousands of years.

Is gappsi travertine a good product for outdoor use?

Travertine is a natural stone; it has been outside for as long as it has existed. It has the best performance outside because when exposed to the elements it does not stain and if it does, the stains go away naturally without the need of chemicals and cleaners.

What sizes, shapes and patterns do Gappsi travertines come in?

Travertine can be cut in many sizes and shapes the most common sizes are 6×9, 6×12, 12×12, 16×16 and 16×24 and also random mixed patters known as French or Versailles patterns. Travertine is a natural stone and it can be mined in sized blocks from which any custom size can be produced for countertops, sinks and garden ornaments, pottery….etc

Where can I buy Gappsi travertine?

Gappsi is the largest importer of travertine on Long Island and we are expanding through the Tri State area, our main warehouse is located at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike Smithtown Long Island N.Y. and we can supply and deliver any quantity in the tri state area.

Is gappsi travertine expensive?

Gappsi Travertine is relatively priced as any other natural stones.

Is there different grade of travertine?

Yes, travertine is graded based on their porosity and their finishes as well as their colors. High grade travertine is dense and can with stand any type of climate.

How long is travertine guaranteed for?

Travertine is a good natural stone, very popular, used all over the world the warranty of the travertine is proven by the test of time like the travertine that was used in the roman coliseum, still standing today after 2000 years. Most common problems with travertine are installation problems because contractors are not educated on the product and how to do the proper installation for travertine.

How do you install travertine?

The proper installation of travertine is done by preparing a gravel base for drainage and then a layer of sand is installed for the travertine pavers to lay on, then polymeric sand is used to fill the joints between the travertine pavers. This is the best way and a common procedure of paving stone installation.

Where can travertine be used?

Travertine pavers are used for mostly pedestrian walking areas, walkways and patio and the thickness can be 1-1/4 inch thick, travertine is used indoor for kitchen and bathroom walls and floors in thickness of ½ inch, travertine pavers are used for driveways also but the thickness has to be at least 2-1/4 cm to withstand the weight of the vehicles.

Is travertine good in cold whether areas?

Travertine is widely used in many northern European countries where temperatures are below freezing in winter months, the right installation and first quality travertine’s is what you need to make sure you get.

How many grades of travertine are there?

There are many grades of travertine and are used for different applications.

Travertine is classified by their colors, density and also resources, first grade travertine’s are used for slabs to be processed for counter tops, vanities and accessories. Second grade travertines are used to produce pavers and third grade are used for commercial use or wall veneers. The grade of travertine does not necessarily mean that is better but simply the rusticness of them the quality of travertine is based on their density and water absorption.

What are most common problems with travertine?

Travertine pavers are a good natural product, used in many applications all over the world from municipal, commercial and residential application. As an experienced installer of travertine I’ve never had problems as far as the endurance of the product itself but mostly installation defects or weather related problems.

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