Ferrari Maserati Of Long Island OutDoor ShoowRoom Parking Designed And Built By Gappsi Long Island.

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Ferrari Maserati Dealer on Long Island N.Y.
Gappsi was awarded the Ferrari and Maserati Of Long Island. 45 S Service Rd, Plainview, NY Dealer construction of their out door showroom parking area for their cars and the landscaping. The project was designed and installed in a short period of time in order to be ready for the opening day ceremony .Excavation of the grass area and old asphalt parking lot were removed to install 12” of recycled concrete blend, compacted to a solid hard base. One inch of sand was used to create a level area to install the new paving stones. The new paving stones were selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone Paver Collection – Scogli Di Mare 6×9 Limestone pavers with flamed and tumbled finishes were used in a herring bone design, polymetric sand was used to fill the joints of the paving stones. A 200 pounds multiquip plate compactor was used to vibrate the pavers into the sand and make them ready to be driven on. Once the polymetric sand gets wet it hardens and further reinforces the pavement. The border of the driveway is cemented and 3/8 rebar is installed along side the border to keep the border in place to prevent any shifting in the future. The circle driveway is well angled and graded into the hill then the Ferrari’s and Maserati’s are parked on it making them well seen from the 495 Long Island Expressway.The new Rolls Royce dealership will soon open next door and the plan is to pave the entire parking lot with Gappsi Natural Stone Pavers.
The landscape We also put together a simple landscape design that compliments but does not take away any attention from the cars. We graded the property and installed new organic top soil and sod. For plantings we used high quality materials, some of them were Dwarf Boxwood and variegated Holly’s to create a formal feel.Formal and simplicity were the key goals to make this project look as elegant as the cars.

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