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fiberglass swimming pools biggest complains,problems,questions long island gappsi

fiberglass swimming pools biggest complains,problems,questions long island gappsi

Fiberglass pools are a big problem on long island, because they are too ridged of structure and they are not strong enough to support the ground pressure caused from the clay that you might find in some areas that during the cold season it expends and contracts or from the high water table that you can find in other areas. That during high ties they could lift the swimming pool shell out of the ground. A fiber glass swimming pool is very light and if the water is low inside the pool the are very light and they would lift out of the ground just like a giant water tub. Fiber glass swimming pools are very popular in the south where the whether is always warm and ground expansion is not an issue. Also they are very limited as far as customization only several sizes and shapes and colors are available. And the biggest part of the problem with fiberglass pool is that, they have to be carried as one pieces from the factory of which most of them are in the south where fiber glass pools are popular and carried to new York on big tractor trailers and then huge cranes have to be rented to lift them in to a backyard. in many situations people can’t get a fiberglass swimming pool because it is impossible to deliver it, and for the clients that can the price is is very high . Not because of the quality but because of the transportation expense. Finishing the patio around a swimming pool is also complicate and hard to blend. The finish of a fiberglass pool is very shiny and the colors are very plain a solid, and nature stone or any material with earth tone colors tend to look very much apart from the pool the look of the swimming pool is far away from looking natural. Attaching the coping over the top of the fiberglass swimming pool wall
Is also very hard and attaching rebar to reinforce the concrete for the patio is impossible?
Also the maintenance on a fiberglass pool is very high and wears shows on them very clearly where the water line is at the top it is very visible after a few years. They are also very slippery personally I don’t understand why any one would spend more money to get a fiberglass swimming pool , the only thing I can think of is that some people like the feel of a fiberglass tub including myself ,I have a fiberglass Catalina spa and I love it, but a spa is used very different from a swimming pool , in a spa you lay most of the time and you sit in the custom shaped benches so your entire body is in touch with the finish of the tub and it is e very nice feeling rubbing against the smooth finished fiber glass. But people forget that in a swimming pool most of the time you swim, dive , walk ,jump and play you don’t lay in it like a hot tub spas , and most people buy fiber glass swimming pools for the wrong reason.
Gappsi way of building a swimming pool
Best swimming pool construction methods-type-system-long island Gappsi
Swimming pool construction by Gappsi Is guarantied quality.
Gappsi swimming pool construction is unique due to the custom molds we design and produce .our monolithic one pour system creates a one pour pool wall, despite of the shape and size Gappsi will deliver the most outstanding swimming pool products.
we install 10 inches wide concrete walls with 4 rebar running parallel to each other .
2 at 6 inches below the top and 2 6 inches above the ground. And many verticals installed every 2 feet connecting the top and the bottom ones together. pvc plumbing pipes are used and direct lines are installed for skimmers and returns ,sound proof base are used for the filter and pumps to cut down on the noise generated from the motors. Clean fill is always used to back fill behind the swimming pool walls any grass or debris are always removed to prevent any ground settle ling. quality jandy equipment are used to make sure that you swimming pool will always be in perfect working conditions .
Gappsi pools method of installing a quality pool liner starts with the installation of concrete walls swimming pools. 10 inches concrete walls are poured as the pool walls, then a 2 inches wide flange aluminum track is installed on the inside edge of the pool walls ,anchored on to the swimming pool walls with concrete screws secured in to the pre-drilled holes in to the concrete. Gappsi only installs hard bottom pool floors to prevent food prints to be made in to the pool floor when walking or jumping in to the pool. Foot prints are mostly seen at knight when the swimming pool lights are on.
Creating a not pleasant look in your swimming pool. Gappsi will install sand bottom at costumer request only. Another way of creating a pool bottom is by using vermiculite,
This is a pre mixed ready to use material that comes in bags and by just adding water to it is ready to be leveled. The down side to this product that we believe is not the best is because after changing many liners we found that vermiculite gets allot of mildew and it is not a pleasant site to see .the mildew comes from the cork that is mixed in the vermiculite mix and by being exposed to water below the pool liner and the dirt below, it builds up mildew. GAPPSI WAY to prepare the swimming pool bottom is by installing 3 inches of dry pack mix of fine sand and Portland cement in a 3 to 1 ratio. This is the best method for many reasons:
1= cement gets stronger over time when exposed to moisture
2= does not build up mildew
3= it can be leveled to be perfectly smooth
4= if the liner needs to be changed in the future the cement base done by Gappsi will not need to be fixed or replaced .
Preparing a cement dry pack pool bottom floor, take a lot more work then any other method and a lot more experience and a much larger crew of people.
It takes average 10 yards of sand to complete the floor and this need to be mixed with cement and moved in to the pool and leveled.
It is very hard to mix the cement and sand in a dry form because it as to me mixed several times before it is used.
The skills of the personal that can build a dry pack cement swimming pool floor is far more then any other method because it as to be done uniformly thought the pool floor .
the results of a hard bottom cement floor is a very clean and flat perfect crispy look of the swimming pool floor liner especially at night when the lights are on.
And if not built consistent, any imperfection will be very visible.
In this application we installed an auto cover and a free formed swimming pool shape.
You have come to the right place. Gappsi is a provider, designer and builder of swimming pools, coping, patios, driveways, paving stones, landscaping, carpentry, natural stones, travertine, limestone, granite, pavers and wall veneers. To learn more about Gappsi products and services please visit our show room at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown Long Island, e-mails us at or visits our website at We services Nassau and Suffolk county Long Island NY

By Giuseppe Abbrancati, Mike Specchio. Kevin Anderson, Rolando Adamovicz, Charles Cocchiola, Peter D’Ambrosio, Peter Moran, Mike Walsh, Melvin Aguillar and sherry Marsico .

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