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What could be better than the smell of roasting dogs and beef over an open flame in the middle of summer? Grills and barbeques are a staple of outdoor living in the U.S. and around the world. It is a great place for family and friends to gather and enjoy the weather or a special occasion, not to mention food just tends to taste better when it is barbequed or grilled outdoors using your backyard grill.

There are all kinds of grills and barbeques, from the inexpensive charcoal model you can get at any home improvement store, the kind you can roll around, fill with charcoal and cook up pretty much anything anytime. This model is inexpensive and easy, but doesn’t always give you the best results. There are many other far better and more permanent options for your backyard; ones that will cook even better (sometimes better than your actual stove and oven) and that may in some cases actually add value to your home. Really, that may be the only thing better than roasting dogs and beef over an open flame in the middle of summer…

Types of grills you may want to consider for your backyard

Charcoal grills – This is the classic option. Charcoal is versatile and simple and with a quality charcoal grill the food comes out much better than with the smaller mobile versions. You can also find models that are much easier to clean.

Gas grills – These most often use a propane tank. This is a great option because it is fast and clean and works much the same as your stovetop as far as controls and heating directions. With a gas grill you can include a smoker box which lets you cook with mesquite, hickory and other wood-smoked options.

Natural gas grill – These work much the same as a typical gas grill, but instead of running off of a propane tank it connects directly to your home gas source. The main concern here is that everything is hooked up correctly by a professional, other than that there is little if any difference between this and the gas grill using propane.

Fire pit – This is pure barbarian style, and a lot of fun. It is just a fire pit with a spit. There are fire pits common in backyards where you can cook entire pigs. It’s truly a great way to spend a summer afternoon.

Smoker grill – While other grills let you “smoke” your food to varying degrees, you’re really not getting the full experience unless you are using a smoker grill. This type of grill is designed specifically to lock in the flavor of different woods used in the cooking process.

Electric grill – Nearly exactly the same as a gas grill. Here is the primary difference; electricity is more expensive than gas. That said if you do not have a natural gas line in your home and do not want to deal with purchasing propane tanks this may be a smart option.

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