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By Giuseppe Abbrancati
Outdoor fireplaces are a new element in outdoor living spaces, widely used and suggested by designers and contractors also requested by homeowners who love out door living and spend a lot of time in their backyard outdoor living space. Many outdoor fireplaces are built by pool areas or simply by a table area, elegant furniture such as outdoor couches, loveseats and comfortable chairs are used in front of an outdoor fire place. Outdoor fire places are built for a more formal look. Outdoor fire places are also built to match the existing veneer on the house or can be built using any type of finishing materials.
The fire box is the inside of a fireplace where the fire is lit and this has to be made of fire proof material such as fire bricks, any type of clay composite or metal sheeting both materials are fire proof as well as heat resistant. Some fire places have motorized fans to blow hot air towards the front and warm up the area where mostly people are sitting and getting warm. Fire places are also built incorporating water features such as sheer descents. Many paving stone manufactures offer fireplaces, mostly built from their wall systems making them perfect match to the retaining wall systems.
Fire places are also used for cooking, such as roasting marshmallows or grilling steaks or simply relaxing and spending special time with friends, family and loved ones. Please visit the Gappsi design center to learn more about out door living areas and our designers will educate you on all amenities and you can also view these products at our outdoor display.

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