Frontyard Landscapes And Masonry Make Over, East northport long Island new york.

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Front yard landscape and masonry make over .
Granite paver driveway installation and landscape make over by Gappsi Long Island.We started our construction of this front yard remodeling the landscape and the masonry.
This is a 2 year old house that came with a simple landscape and asphalt driveway done by the builder.
Gappsi’s team of designers from Farah Parker to Giuseppe Abbrancati and Rolando Adomovicz worked with the home owner exchanging ideas and came up with the design layout and the selection of pavers and landscape plant material. The project was designed using Gappsi 3-D design program Pool Studio it was presented to the costumer in our design studio at the Gappsi show room. Many changes were made, but the results were gratifying and the costumer is extremely happy. We started the construction by excavating the asphalt driveway and the concrete walkway to the front door. 4 inches PVC pipes were installed as sleeves under the new base for future installation of sprinkler lines and electric wires for out door lighting. The curb was replaced with new Belgium block designed to separate the street asphalt and the new Granite paver driveway.
6 inches of oversized crushed concrete blend was installed to stabilize the ground and 6 more inches of RCA was installed for a total of 12 inches of base. Heavy mechanical Whacker compactor and Multiquip vibratory roller were used to compact the base material, after leveling the base and compacting it to a hard solid base the installation of the pavers followed. For this job Gappsi Pompei Limestone Pavers from the Gappsi Natural Stone Paver Collection were used for the walkway then bordered with Gappsi 6×9 Amaganset flamed and tumbled Granite paving stones.
One inch of clean graded Long Island sand was laid and leveled over the compacted base, the limestone and granite pavers were then laid over the sand and compacted again. The out side borders were cemented and 3/8’s rebar was installed in the cement wash on the outside of the border with galvanized pins hammered in the ground to further reinforce the border row of the granite paving stones. Polymetric sand was used to fill the joints between the pavers , polymetric sand petrifies after it gets wet and further reinforces the pavement. The limestone pavers have a very nice texture, natural cleft that can ever be confused for a manufactured concrete paving stone and they can never be duplicated. The Limestone pavers have tumbled edges and color variations from deep dark blue to grayish brown, beige and rusty red. It does not get more natural than that. The Granite Amaganset paving stones have color variations of peach, yellow, pink, gray and rust and are very durable for cars to drive over.
This Natural Paving Stone can really claim that they will look new forever and are guaranteed to do so.
Granite and lime stones are the first material used by our ancestors to pave their roads and build their houses and many monuments and structures are steel standing today withstanding thousands of years of weathering and the elements. The gappsi natural stone pavers will perform great under severe weather conditions and their colors and texture will never wear on change . unlike manufactured concrete pavers that change colors and wear with time and their finishes are unnatural and cement like appearance and all manufactures of paving stones claim to be the best but in the end the make the same products .
The front entrance landscape was designed to be a bit more formal. Utilizing Dwarf Boxwood to follow the shape of the Limestone walkway and stoop, combining them with Wichita Junipers and dwarf Variegated Hinoki Cypress as well as densiforma Yews to create the foundation planting to ensure an everlasting lush green background for the perennial garden.
Some trees were planted by the property line to create an imaginary division between the properties. We achieved this by planting them on a burm with boulders to create a more three dimensional desired effect. The flowering trees used for this area were Crape Myrtles these produce big hot pink flowers that bloom in the middle of the summer, that is what makes this tree a must have for your landscape project. Another specimen tree was placed by the connecting walkway and driveway area called Smoke Tree, this is know for its feather dust blooms and burgundy foliage.
This project was challenging but even more gratifying because the end product satisfied our clients desire to the fullest extent by achieving a functional front and back yard without compromising the beauty of the landscape.

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